The Lost Dream-Part 1

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Some say fate doesn’t exist.  They fail to realize that fate has nothing to do with the future and everything to do with the past.  It’s how we look back in hindsight on choices that had consequences and results, and because we have no power to change anything we call it fate…as if it was meant to happen.  People often say that everything happens for a reason.  Well, obviously, because every action has a reaction.  Naturally everything we do in life is for a reason because when we look back we see how it shaped the course of our lives.  There is no way of judging whether or not an action is meant to be, until you take the action and look back ten years later.  But wait, there’s still no way of knowing whether or not it was meant to be, because you could have made another decision at that point in time in the past; in which case you would be looking back and saying that subsequent decision was for a reason. 

Average.  What a terribly terrible word.  One man’s curse is another man’s blessing, and vise versa.  Sometimes we forget to count our blessings, because it’s so much easier to count our curses.  What direction must a boy walk when he comes to the point at which he realizes his dream will forever remain a dream.  Which road does he take in the fork?  Does he take the low road and give up, or does he take the high road, and continue mindlessly pursuing the dream?  Refusal and rejection are as well known to him as the dream itself.  The boy has come to the point where he understands that the path he sees is ridden with lies and false promises.  Seeing through the fog is seeing the truth.  The truth is average.

He’ll graduate with good grades, one of the top in his class, but he’s no genius.  He can play a couple instruments pretty well, but he’s no master.  He plays sports, but he’s no champion.  He’ll attend a mediocre college; the reality of the situation would have never crossed his mind 3 years prior.  The boy will get an average job, definitely not what he dreamed of every night as he brushed his teeth.  His last hope was to succeed in his career…in life.

It pains me to look up in the mirror and see this boy staring back.  This boy, standing at an average height, with average looks, and an average personality.  He’s definitely no model, and there’s really nothing that sets him apart from the next guy on the street.  He’s plain and simply quite average.  He and I are one.


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