Get Your Comic Fills Your Manga Fix On The Iphone

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If your taste in comics run more along the traditional Japanese style, then skip the DC and Marvel readers, and head directly to Get Your Comic for getting your manga fix on the iPhone.

Made by ITOCHU Technology, this is an English language app for finding and downloading manga content from a number of publishers.  Both free and premium comics are available, so you can try it out with the free materials before diving in with both feet.

When you first launch Get Your Comic, you’ll get treated to an attractive main menu designed like a series of comic book panels where all the features are easily available with a single tap.  The comics listings presents thumbnails of the different titles available, complete with cover art, a short description and the average star rating to guide you while browsing through the catalog.

The reading experience, unfortunately, varies from title to title.  Some publishers put a lot more effort into their comic books, adding support for features like guided reading, while others simply threw up the paper versions in digital form.  Overall, though, it’s a positive experience and a heck of a lot more convenient than the alternatives: download from some online store and read from a CBR/CBZ reader.

As of now, Get Your Comic has a good amount of titles onboard.  They’re attractively priced, too, with most comic books coming in at just 99 cents (the first chapter of all series is free).  The app itself is free and, for the free comics alone, should be worth the effort to check out.

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