A Guide to Buying Plus Size Bras And Underwear

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Great designs and fabrics allow you to flaunt your curves but the only way to make sure you look totally fabulous is to have the right lingerie underneath. So what are the keys for girls looking for plus size bras and underwear?

If your ‘foundations’ aren’t right then whatever you put on top will always look lumpier or bumpier than it should. Being a plus size girl you need to be passionate about good fit. This is the key to looking and feeling great in your plus size clothes and bras. Your plus size bra needs to keep your boobs in place, and your underwear should smooth out your hips and bum. If your underwear isn’t doing you any favours then ditch it before it ruins your whole look. The materials you choose also play a part in how flattering your lingerie is to your figure.

Plus Size Bra Styles
Different bras are good for different outfits and styles but every curvy girl should invest in at least three really good full cup bras. A three part construction gives you lift, separation and control. Wearing the wrong style bra causes rogue boob problems like QUAD BOOB and BOOB SAG – neither of these is a good look. Look for a great seamfree bra to wear under t-shirts and fine fabrics because it will make you look polished and defined.

Plus Size Underwear
Say the word ‘high-waisted’ and you get scary images of Grandma knickers but today’s clever control fabrics have turned Grandma Pants into Goddess Panties. Control fabrics have been mixed with silks and cottons to give you amazing shape but make you look and feel sexy and girly. A good high-waisted panty will keep your curves smooth and supported so your silhouette is fantastic. Every woman should have a few thongs in her underwear draw and a plus size girl is no exception. Be sure to buy ones in seamless designs that don’t cut into you (the eternal trick for all women is to buy a size bigger than your dress size). This will keep your look smooth and sleek and eliminate any unsightly VPL under your favourite pant suit.

Plus Size Bra Material
Microfiber is a plus size girl’s friend. It’s a supportive material that stretches with your movement keeping you comfortable and sleek. Microfiber is also great at keeping you cool as the breathable design wicks moisture away from your skin which prevents skin irritations. Look for microfiber in both plus size bras and underwear.

Your Changing Bra Size
All women experience some fluctuation in their bra size but for plus size women the fluctuation can be more noticeable. These bra size changes are caused by water retention, periods and even the changing seasons. Your bra size may change by a whole cup or band size so you have to make sure you keep an eye on your bust size. Once you get into the habit of measuring yourself you’ll notice that your body gets into a rhythm and you can always be in the right size bra depending on your body’s shape at that time. You may find that you need a couple of bras in a bigger cup for the week you are on your period then return to your regular size.

Being in the right lingerie makes you look more put together, taller, smaller at the waist and it will revolutionize your wardrobe over night! Confidence is the most beautiful quality, a woman who is at ease with her body. Wearing the right plus size bra brings you closer to feeling great in your skin. Getting yourself into the perfect plus size bra will do wonders for your style and self-esteem.


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