Your Health is Your Wealth

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The human body is a gift of God. It is like a machine. But no inventor can make such a perfect machine as the human body. It is one of our foremost duties to take care of it. We must try our best to keep ourselves healthy and fit.

The requirements of good health can be divided into three categories. We should take the right quality and right quantity of food. We should have habits which promote good health. We should take care to protect ourselves from diseases.

Some children have strange habits about food. They have a strong liking for certain things and a strong dislike for others. For instance, a child refuses to drink milk and is fond of tea. This means he is depriving himself of a valuable food. Another child eats all the potatoes from his dish and leaves the meat. Here too, the child’s preference is unhealthy. Meat contains proteins which are very important for the growth and physical well-being of a child.

Children and grown up people all need a balanced diet. Their diet must contain proper amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. The foods that are rich in proteins are fish, meat, eggs, milk and pulses. The chief sources of carbohydrates are sugar, rice, potatoes and wheat. Butter, vegetable oil and animal fats are also required. Mineral salts and vitamins are obtained mostly from fruits, vegetables and food grains. All these components of food have their own importance. The proteins enable us to grow and to replace the body cells, which are destroyed during work. The carbohydrates provide us with heat and energy. They keep the body warm, regulate its functions and help in preventing certain diseases.

An average Pakistani family has no problem in getting carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. It is sad that children do not get enough proteins in their daily diet. They should prefer beef to mutton. They should deep a few poultry in their homes so that they can get eggs and chicken’s meat. We should buy pure food articles. It is unfortunate that some people sell impure food. The most serious adulteration is that of mixing water in milk. Those who mix water in milk are enemies of our nation. They are damaging the health of people. We must refuse to buy milk mixed with water.

What are the habits that help us in keeping good health? The most important is cleanliness. If we follow these instructions, we can save our-selves from my diseases. Washing and bathing prevent diseases of teeth, mouth and stomach.

Another good habit is taking physical exercise. Games like football, hockey, cricket, badminton and basketball are good for health. Athletics and gymnastics are also forms of exercise. If you do not find opportunities for playing games or taking part in athletics, you may wake up early in the morning and run for a kilometer or two in the open air. When you cannot go out for an exercise, you may do skipping in your own house. Skipping for fifteen minutes would be sufficient.

Your sleeping habits are also important. You must have seven or eight hours sleep every day. Go to bed early so that you can have enough sleep. An hour or two of sleep in the afternoon during summer days is sufficient.

Do not shut all the windows and doors of your room. Keep a window open for the fresh air. Never cover your face while in bed.

Germs are our enemies and we must protect ourselves from these enemies. Some germs develop in the food. The germs of diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, hepatitis and typhoid enter our body through dirty food and water. So we should be very careful while buying foodstuffs from the vendors and sweet sellers. If the foodstuffs are kept uncovered, germs get into them through flies and dust. As for as possible we should eat properly cooked food and well-washed fresh fruit.

There are certain diseases which are hard to cure but easy to prevent.  


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