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Millionaires Who Give Money to Help

There are lots of millionaires who give money to help those in need, along with billionaires.  While you cannot ever guarantee you’ll receive cash from any of them, there are some things you can do to improve the odds of catching the attention of rich and famous people.  Have you noticed that some folks get lucky enough to have their financial woes aired on television, or online, and get cash assistance from people, generally with no strings attached?  Have you wondered how you can get that type of attention?  Here’s how to get millionaires who give away money to  help others to find you, instead of the other way around.

Blog Your Financial Issues

Millionaires who give money to help use the internet, just like all other people.  Even the rich and the famous go online and search for various things from time to time.  If you would like one of these wealthy people to find you, so they can assist you financially, a blog may be a good option.  If you can find ways to draw people to your blog, you can quickly and effectively find millionaires who give money to help others, along with other ordinary individuals.  You may even catch the eye of local or online media, making it even more possible to connect with the wealthy and famous people that could assist you.  In addition, you can make a few bucks on the side with your blog, so you may be able to avoid needing millionaires who give money to help to offer you anything.  It’s worth a try.

Make A You Tube Video

This is similar to a blog, but you can create a visual connection with the millionaires who give away money.  This can make it a more effective way to get free cash, no strings attached. For example, if you lost your home in a fire, you can show a video of the damage.  This can make trying to get millionaires who give away money to help to send you free cash even easier.

Leave Comments

Leave comments on any articles or sites you can find that are talking about millionaires who give money to help out others.  Don’t leave your email, but do leave a link (if possible) to your blog or other online site you use, where you can receive messages.

Contact Local Media

If you are desperate, contact local media sources and see if they are interested in running your story.  If aired, you could catch the attention of millionaires who give money to help out.     You can try online media sources, print or television.  You just may find a wealthy person more than willing to assist you.  If it doesn’t work, there are ways to find people offering a free cash giveaway, no strings attached.


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