Pest Control Malvern: How to Do Your Own Pest Control in Melbourne

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Taking pest control into your own hands

Let’s start with a warning straight off: If you find yourself handling some aspect of pest control Malvern or exterminators Malvern East that you’re not qualified, competent or confident in handling, simply hand it over to a Malvern or Malvern East pest control company or exterminator. Don’t even think about making your own poisons or gas in your own house from recipes found on the Internet, in Grandpa’s garage or anywhere else for that matter.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s great to know that most pest problems don’t require a Melbourne pest control company or one in the areas that this article is focused on, pest control Malvern and pest control Malvern East. But how do you know if you can deal with your pest control problem yourself without expert help? Firstly, you must identify exactly what pest you have and learn just how tough and determined they are. Some pests will happily torment you for years without any feelings of guilt or remorse.

Once you have a clear understanding of your specific pest, whether termites, bed bugs, possums, ants, cockroaches or a family member, you can often gain some great information and tips from researching and speaking with people who have had a similar pest problem in Malvern or Malvern East areas. How did they deal with their pests? What was the size of their pest problem? How long did it take to get rid of their pests? How much did it cost to fix their pest problem?

When you are ready to attack your pest problem and have decided that it is small enough for you to do yourself, make sure that you use the right products. Buy safe products that are purpose designed to eliminate your particular species of pest. Low allergenic, non-toxic products are best as they will cause the least harm to other living things and the environment.

A few guidelines when going it alone

1. Keep the safety of you and any assistants a priority
2. It’s vital that you clearly understand and identify what pest you’re dealing with
3. If you feel out of your depth, you probably are
4. If the pest problem is small enough and you’re not dealing with potentially damaging, tenacious or dangerous pests such as termites, bed bugs or crocodiles, then your chance of success will be higher

The most common products that you can use to exterminate your “low risk” pests are sprays, traps and baits. Most pest and insect products can be easily purchased from the local Malvern or Malvern East supermarket or hardware store.

Let’s look at some of the common options available to you:

Sprays: As a lot of the time, the presence of an insect in your home doesn’t indicate an infestation, a good insect spray is often all you’ll need to get the job done. Be mindful of the fact that sprays will get rid of the insects that you can see but most sprays won’t be able to get rid of the insects that you can’t see.

Traps: Traps can be effective because, generally speaking, humans are normally smarter than the pests (but there’s always an exception!). Traps attract pests without them fully appreciating the risks and it’s too late for caution once they’re in! Whether we’re talking about mousetraps, cockroach traps or even smaller ant traps, there are a variety of ways you can trap pests without needing to call a Melbourne pest controller or exterminator.

Baits: Baits can also be effective but you must match the bait to the specific pest you have or else they might simply ignore it and go about their business. Also, pests can be as fussy as us humans and have been known to change their tastes at short notice. Some pests are also highly skilled at detecting food that is not supportive of their survival and pass this information along to their fellow pests. It is also important that baits do not cause harm to humans or domestic animals etc that you might actually want to keep around so the degree of toxicity needs to be carefully examined.

Often times, it’s not so much a matter of the type of product you use but rather the strategy employed. This means that you’ll need to do some research on the pest and learn some of the reasons why the pest would want to be in your house or business in the first place. Remember that effective strategies to get rid of pests will differ from pest to pest. Also, the position, structure and location of your “physical” house in Malvern or Malvern East may naturally encourage a certain pest to spend quality time in it. This being the case, apart from successfully serving them with an eviction notice that they can understand, there might be little that you can do about it.

The Combination Approach: A lot of the time, by combining a number of strategies and products, you can ensure the most effective long-term solution to your pest problem. This will increase your chances of enjoying pest-free living in Malvern or Malvern East. However, some pest removal tasks are simply not worth the research, learning and experience required and you’ll save much blood, sweat and tears by calling a professional.


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