Tips to Sleep Better

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There are times when your mind and body refuses to take a rest even if you wanted to. It is probably caused by several factors such as stress or problems you are going through. What to do? Try the following tips, they might help you.

  • Be ready to sleep. There are cases when you are feeling sleepy but even if you did lie down to your bed, you still don’t find yourself asleep. It is usually because you think too much of the things that happened to you today or excited about things that might happen tomorrow. It would be best to free your mind and save the thoughts for tomorrow when you wake up.

  • Avoid addictive stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine. This drugs can make you stay awake or distrupt you from your sleep.

  • Don’t drink or eat before you go to sleep. Drinking a lot of liquids before you go to bed might wake you up in the middle of your sleep just because you need a trip to the restroom.

  • Make a schedule. Having a fixed time to go to sleep will train your mind and body to feel the need to sleep at that certain time.

  • Keep it quiet. Turn off electronics that causes sounds such as TV, radio, etc.

  • Don’t take daytime naps. This will ensure that you are tired from the days work or activities making it a lot easier to fall asleep.

  • Take a hot bath. I have read before that by taking a hot bath the sudden drop of your temperature when the heat goes out makes you sleepy.

  • Make your bed comfortable to sleep with. By placing clean sheets and having a soft bed. Make it clean so that there are no bugs that gets into your bed.

  • Eliminate the light from your sleeping area. The brighter the lights in the room, the more awake your body feels.

  • Exercise. It would be best to exercise in the morning and afternoon. This makes the body refreshed and it can also help reduce stress.

  • A cool room and a warm bed makes it easier to sleep with. It is said that warm hands and feet induce sleep quickly.

  • Do something that bores you until you feel sleepy. Usually, reading a book helps.

  • Avoid looking at the time. I just heard this once at the television, well, it doesn’t hurt to try.

  • Don’t rely on sleeping pills as much as possible. There is always side-effects to them. 


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