Treat Bacterial Vaginosis – Commonly Available Items Can Bring You Quick Relief From Foul Vaginal Odor

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Treat bacterial vaginosis in the privacy of your home with natural ingrediants that are readily available. Your vaginal yeast infection is caused by a fungus known as candida albicans, commonly called a yeast infection though. Another name used in the medical community is candidiasis. No matter which name it is called they all refer to the same condition…a foul smelly vagina! Quite a few women suffer from this infection, some sources state as high as 90%.

Normally found within your vagina and on your skin, candida albicans are a microscopic organism. They proliferate very fast but are kept under control by other bacteria that regulate the ph balance in your system and keep them in check. At times this balance gets disrupted and the yeast grow out of control and your vagina gets less acidic, thus causing a infection

White thick discharge, which may or may not smell, itching, and a burning feeling when taking a pee, are signs of candidiasis.

To say this condition is is a real pain, is an understatement, especially for women who have recurring vaginal infections. When I say recurring I mean that the woman is having a vaginal yeast infection for or more times yearly. So arm yourself with the knowledge about the disease, its prevention as well as available remedies to get rid of vaginal yeast infection.

There are numerous ways to treat bacterial vaginosis, and you have and option of either prescription and over the counter drugs or natural home bv cures. Before starting any treatment you should have a proper checkup so you know for sure just what kind of infection you’re dealing with.

Candidiasis can be effectively treated using natural bacterial vaginosis remedies. Natural remedies will work better in my opinion, because they correct the root cause of the infection and have no side effects like drugs. There are alternatives, besides drugs, to treat your yeast infection, just so you know.

One method you can use is to drink a glass of buttermilk in the evening before sleeping and continue with the habit until the infection clears up.

If you’re dealing with itching, a way to get relief is to insert boric acid capsules into your vagina and leave them in over night. Also continue this practice until the itching no longer bothers you.

Another method to treat bacterial vaginosis, is the use of potassium sorbate. Use a fifteen gram measure of potassium sorbate to one pint of water, dip a tampon into it and again insert it into your vagina overnight.


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