Youth Restiveness in Niger Delta

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Youth restiveness has become also a plaque inflicted by the government on the people of Niger Delta; no civilized society will tout the future of her youths. The region contributes 90% wealth to the economy of the country and there is little or nothing done by the government and the operating companies to show restitution for this huge contribution. The government in the past has always sidelined this region from meaningful development, thereby shying away from the plight of these people. This disposition is borne out of the fact that the government keeps blaming military continued stay in office until 1999, but a survey of the last seven years of rule by this present administration has shown that we are still living in an extension of military rule in the camouflage of a democratic institution.

The Niger Delta region is recognized with bad roads, low infrastructural development, and high level of unemployment, female prostitution and low industrialization rates. You will agree with me that it grieves and naturally energizes conflict as they watch the treasury being looted by government officials. The agitation of the youth is that, what are their restitution for their depleted land and sea environment caused by oil spillage or gas flaring, global warming experienced where oil flared causing green house effect, the ozone layer depletion leading to sun burnt and cancer, acid rains and many more.


Youth restiveness is a despicable act being perpetrated by a significant proportion of the youth in various communities that can no longer be ignored. As the name implies, it is a combination of any action or conduct that constitutes unwholesome socially unacceptable and unworthwhile activities engaged in by the youths in any community. It is a phenomenon which in practice has led to a near breakdown of law and order, low productivity due to disruption of production activities, increasing crime rate, intra-ethnic hostilities, and harassment of prospective developers and other criminal tendencies.

The communities in the oil producing areas in Nigeria still lack basic social infrastructures culminating largely into high level of poverty, mass unemployment, environmental degradation and other social vices. The result today is that we have a near dicey situation in our hands as far as youth are concerned.leave a comment


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