Birth Control Pills Make Women More Intelligent – Yes It's True Rewrite

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Women, please note – with birth control pills not only saves you from an unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sex, but also helps to be smarter. A recent study by a reputable source revealed the fact that certain gray cells, which are used for social skills and remember things, they swell when using birth control pills. Certain parts of the brain to swell when women using these pills and the result is an improvement of memory and communication skills and become even better at multitasking.

This study was carried out on British women and the effects of a very famous bar, which was a choice of more than $ 3.5 million, were tested. The use of these pills, women between 16 and 49 years of age, resulted in an increase in brain size for a whooping 3 percent. High-resolution images of the brain were taken and compared with women who had not used these pills.

Women who were not in any kind of pills were scanned more than once within 30 days to see if there was a hormonal fluctuations and the results showed that there was no change in hormone levels. Furthermore, women taking birth control pills, no matter what brand, had developed “a greater brain.

A doctor who led the study, said that sex hormones, which were a main ingredient in this pill in particular, had a “stunning and vast” in the female brain. He also said that a bigger brain, which resulted from the use of contraceptive pills, led to a marked increase in certain functions.

How does the pill causes these changes is still unclear, but one theory is that the strength of the relationship between brain and nerve cells is increased by progesterone, which is used to stop ovulation. Some parts of the brain increase in size and it is unclear if these parts will shrink again after pill use stops.

In a lighter vein, women with larger brains can make things difficult for men (as if they make it hard already). But on a serious note, women not only be able to plan their families, but also have better social skills. Let’s look at some brands of birth control pills that are safe and effective.


This pill works by stopping ovulation and change the uterine lining, making it difficult for sperm to reach the uterus. Is an oral form of contraception to prevent pregnancy. Apart from that, also used to treat acne.


This brand of birth control pills prevents pregnancy and helps women to have lighter periods that are less painful. A variety of synthetic hormones used here to alter a woman’s menstrual cycle.


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