Why Not Say That my Birthday On Facebook Privacy Settings?

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Why not say that my birthday on the label on facebook privacy settings? Facebook privacy settings remind your friends on your birthday when you make the date visible.

facebook privacy settings lets you control which parts of your profile visible to the public, friends and even lists of friends in particular. Hide your birth year remain private, while allowing people to send birthday greetings. If your birthday is not visible in your profile, you can do it by changing the facebook privacy settings appear in your account.

    Enter your birthday

        Facebook privacy settings may not appear to be your birthday you do not know when it is. Visit facebook privacy settings and the “Edit Profile” click. Confirm or enter your birthday in the “Birthday” field under “Basic Information”. Click Save Changes.

    Activate anniversary of the screen

        The combo box next to “Birthday” field, you can change the visibility of your birth date. Select your date of birth, date of birth for all hidden right or just light show month and day of the year in hiding. If a facebook privacy setting does not display your birthday, make sure that this field is not set to “show my birthday in my profile.” Click “Save Changes” to save the facebook privacy settings.

    Optional display your birthday

        Select “facebook privacy settings” under “Account. Click on “Custom facebook privacy settings” to choose your birthday to see current facebook privacy settings for the visibility of the drop-down list of “birthday” you at all – public -. Friends of friends, just friends, or a custom installation if “Custom” is selected, click the drop-down menu and select “Customize” to see the current facebook privacy settings. You can all the users of facebook privacy settings, or her Support facebook privacy settings friends list on your birthday by going to see the name of a friend or a list in the “Block” box. Disable the “Block” box for all to see his birthday.

    Her birthday is on facebook privacy settings

        As soon as your date of birth and place the combo box visible facebook privacy settings, your date of birth in your profile at the top of the profile based page redisplay. On his birthday, a facebook privacy setting shows its name in the sidebar of his friendship with a reminder that it is his birthday.


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