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The AABTS (Ann Arbor Cycling Society) invites you to the Office of the High Representative (A person Helluva trip) for some nice training. This event usually requires location on July 9, 2011, and is now in its 35th 12-month existence. This celebration is a one-day sightseeing tour, traveling across unpaved roads, lines of trees in Livingston, Jackson, Ingham and Washtenaw counties.

Passengers can choose from six single-loop route, beginning and ending with 4 Fair in Chelsea, and two informal walks (Fun rides) start and end at Portage Lake State Park. One facet of this great celebration is that all routes to disclose the same lake Portage Park lunch stop, so that friends and family members involved in distinctive ties, however, as you can eat together. Maps are provided and each route is clearly marked.

Record Profit and

The first one, 800 to sign up to purchase a patch OAR

need custom goods before the order be postmarked by may 6, 2011

Online registration is available through the end of June

Mail-in registration must be postmarked by June celebration


Most problems can be avoided by the generation that you and your bike in the right conditions for the function. The proposed components are water bottles, sunscreen, jacket, essential tools, the more pneumatic tube, patch kit and pump. You must have knowledge of the normal cycle and be willing to make small repairs private. Helmets are one that, as well as talk to emergency information.


All the way through several hours of riding, support vehicles will travel the routes of delivery of aid. Is sold on a priority basis to people who need health awareness tend to get very first, and then people with major mechanical failures. Finally, we will support anybody who wishes to guide a plane, or simply exhausted. Mechanics are also offered at the Chelsea Fairgrounds, and within a couple of rest stops on the road.


Your registration fee includes a great lunch buffet in the model of Portage Lake State Park from 10 am and lasts right until 2:30 pm. The distance to the lunch spot can vary from one route to another, so plan your trip accordingly so you do not jump out at lunch. Swimming is also available in the park.

Will get a snack shops along the route starting at 7: 30 am, with volunteers handing out drinks and fruit. Just about every route passes through small towns, and drivers are encouraged to do so, get a break and take something to try to eat if they wish. At the end of the ride, cold watermelon factory offered at the fair.

The One helluva a-Ride is, in fact, that only. It’s a beautiful day that usually accompanies summer time and big. But it’s not a cakewalk for the casual cyclist, weekend around the block. To end this tour, you need to be in excellent shape. That means that you have put in a lot of miles and trigone have made several long trips over 50 miles. But if you’ve done this, you should have no trouble completing this annual trip.


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