How to Win at Pick 3 And Become Victorious

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The least complex game offered by most lotteries is the Pick 3. If you learn How to win at pick 3, you can give yourself the best odds available.

The pick 3 game is the only lottery game that gives a legitimate chance of winning. You will forget about playing other games once you learn how to win at pick 3.

The odds of winning at pick 3 are 1000 to 1. Contrast this to the odds of winning of a 6 number pick game. The odds of winning a pick 6 games are 120,000,000 to 1. Which game would you spend your money on if you were going to buy a lottery ticket?

The pick 3 does not appeal to some players however. The reason is that feel that the payoffs are too low. But learning How to win at pick 3can increase your odds of winning. If you had a choice of winning $500 or nothing, which would you choose? It should be very clear what the answer would be.

The lottery form for pick 3 has 5 sections. You can choose to play 1 panel or up to all 5 panels. Each section has the numbers 0 to 9 in three columns. Select one number from each column.

Each play costs $1 for each play in most states. You can choose from several different plays however. You can play 3 numbers straight. That means you must match the numbers drawn in the exact order. For instance, to win if the numbers 367 are drawn, you must have 367 on your lottery ticket.

You can play a box. In a box, you win if the 3 numbers you select match the 3 numbers drawn in any order. If you choose the numbers 123 in a box and either 123, 231, 312,321, 132 or 213 are drawn, you win.

You can also play either front pair or back pair. If you play front pair and choose the numbers 925, then you win if the first 2 numbers selected are 92 regardless of what the last number is. The same with a back pair. Choose the numbers 892 and win if the last 2 numbers drawn are 92. Even though the payouts are lower than playing straight or a box, you still can win.

There are only 1000 possible combinations in a pick 3 game with the numbers 0 to 9. There are 3 different strategies to choose numbers when you know to win at pick 3.

If you choose 3 different numbers, you are playing unmatched numbers. If you choose 523, then you are playing unmatched numbers.

If you choose 2 numbers that are the same in your pick 3 combination, then you are playing doubles. If you choose 882 or 717, then you are playing doubles. The simplest strategy is to play triples. They are the same 3 numbers. If you select, 111,333, or 888, then you are playing triples.

If you examine the possible combinations in a pick 3 game, 72% of the winning numbers are unmatched. The percentage when playing doubles decreases to 27% and playing triples the percentage of winning is only 1%.

Your best chances of winning when knowing how to win at pick 3 are to use unmatched numbers. And if you play a box, there are only 120 combinations. Playing 3 unmatched numbers in a box gives you by far the best odds of winning.

Use this valuable information when you learn how to win at pick 3. With these odds, you are bound to win more often. Winning is the name of the game, right?



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