Nclex Application For Saipan 2011

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There are a lot of Nursing graduates each year. More than 50% of the graduates are aiming to work in the US. That is why they studied nursing in the first place, because they believe that there is hope with Uncle Sam’s home. The trend started early of 2006 when the demand for nurse workers became high. Most of high school graduates chose Nursing as their first priority for the course they will be taking up for college. Even the poorest of the poor are hoping to enter college with that course. Their parents are striving really hard to send their children to school for college because they believe that having a child that is a nurse, will bring them great hope.

Right after graduation, there are a lot of options for the nursing graduate. If they wanted to work in the US they have to take the NCLEX-RN exam or the National Council Licensure Examination. Applying for the NCLEX examination is not easy. Each state has different requirements and different rates. Before applying for the exam, you should consider your experience as a nurse. There are some states that will require a local license, but some don’t. Some will require additional requirements.

For me, the easiest US state to apply for NCLEX is Saipan. They will ask the applicant to submit their valid transcript of records for their secondary education as well as their college education. The applicant may also need to submit ID pictures and a copy of their passport. The passport should be valid. First thing to do is to request for the requirements from your school as this may take a few days before they give it to you. You should give them time to process the request. While waiting for it, download the NCLEX application for Saipan, fill it out. Be sure all information entered is correct and accurate. You also have to prepare for the payment that needs to be settled for the exam.

Once all requirements are available, you can now mail it directly to Board of Nursing in Saipan. While waiting for your eligibility from Saipan, it would do good if you start reading then eventually enroll into a review school to prepare yourself for the big day, exam day.


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