Name From a Public Inquiry Remove in Facebook Privacy Settings

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The best way to prevent someone from accessing your name and personal information online, your name from the list of services for socially remove the house phone line at the same time reducing their profile in online forums and networking sites. It will not remove your name from the local residential listings, but will protect your facebook privacy settings online. This information usually comes from the list of local telephone book. Companies, such services as Google, Any who,,, Reverse Phone Directory and

Difficulty: in facebook privacy settings

    Moderately challenging Instructions

What you need Computer Internet connection Online Services Directory


        Visit analyzes directly the website of a company and if your name is entered. This is done using the “Search” — Enter to see your name if you include your name, address and phone number.


        Ask your name and contact information (if any) is removed. The Google directory, your information is removed, fill out a single form. Other companies make the process more difficult — some require you to check e-mail or directly.


        Check if your application is met. If you is not your name and contact lists were, then their efforts successful.

    Online Profile


        Reduce the visibility of your personal information for Internet searches. Internet companies constantly extracting information from social networking sites, news, blogs, and a number of other sources. If not possible, make these facebook privacy settings for the information shared with the public.


        Set your facebook privacy settings on social networking sites like facebook privacy settings and MySpace. In facebook privacy settings, this is by accessing the “facebook privacy settings” and reached to Search. Make sure the “Allow” box has no check box. Make the same changes in MySpace, LinkedIn and other social networks you use of facebook privacy settings.


        Verify that the social networking sites have ceased to publish their information online. Find your facebook privacy settings profile through a number of different search engines. If you are not your name and a link to your profile listed, then you probably have been a success.

Tips & Hints

    Facebook privacy settings to extract company, the online services of the roadmap to information from these lists, your name in the directory itself to the dissemination of information in the source to stop whatsoever. This can be done by your telephone company.

    The complete removal of his name and personal data from facebook privacy settings is not always possible. If you have been the subject of an article only to public forums such as chat rooms or publish something about them, their personal information has spread far.


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