How to Remove Facebook Privacy Settings Mouse Hunt

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In “Mouse Hunt” game for facebook privacy settings, which were set by the King of Gnawing to eliminate the infestation by pests? Armed with a portfolio of traps and bait for cheese, equipped travel to the kingdom and capture good mouse for their sovereign. If you are ready to hang the horn hunter mouse, you can delete the “Mouse Hunt”, ask your facebook privacy settings account. If you decide the game in the future, you can buy the game, in which he and his level of equipment left intact.



        Access your facebook privacy settings account.

        Click on “Account” in the upper right corner of the page.

        Click “facebook privacy settings.”

        Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click “Change facebook privacy settings” Applications and Web Sites “in the lower left corner of the screen.

        Click on Edit next to ‘the applications you use. ”

        Click the ‘X’ in the side of the “Mouse Hunt” information.

        Click “Delete” and click OK. “Mouse Hunt” has been removed from your facebook privacy settings profile.

How to articles on the wall in facebook privacy settings post

The “wall”, the focal point of facebook privacy settings profile to say where to stop friends’ hello and see what happens will be seen in the neck of the woods. facebook privacy settings helps you, your comments, photos, blogs and videos, post on the walls in profile, with permissions depending on the configuration of a user’s facebook privacy settings. You can upload photos and videos directly to a wall, or use a link and choose the desired image.

        Go to facebook privacy and access your account.

        Search facebook privacy settings profile you want to publish an article. You can make your friends by clicking the “Friends” link in the left column of the homepage, or type a name into the search box.

        Click on the user profile or avatar, to get the profile.

        Choose to do the kind of desired position next to “Action”. You can post text, photos, blogs and videos on the walls of facebook privacy settings.

        Type the content of your message. Send a text message, start typing in the box. To send a link, photo or video of another online site, paste the URL into the box. To upload a photo or video, click on “Photo” or link “Video” and then select Send.

        Click the “Share” button to send your product to see the profile of the wall. If you want to delete the message, click on the small gray “X” in the upper right corner of the message, and then do select Delete from the menu.


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