How Can I Get My Guy Back After A Breakup?

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Have you just been through a major relationship breakup?

The days that follow can leave you feeling, hurt,confused, and all sorts of other emotions.
Its easy to confuse feelings of loneliness and wounded pride,with real love.

Try to analyze why your relationship failed,, if you really feel that you are no longer compatible, then do yourself a favour and move on, you deserve to be happy, and so does your ex, but not necessarily together.
If though you genuinely feel that you want to be with him, read these tips.

Try not to stalk him,, you need to appear confident, even if you dont feel it,

Make sure you always look your best when you go out, do not change your image, he fell for you how you look now, but try to look your best.

You need to think about the reasons why you split up in the first place, if it was your fault, you need to admit this and appologise.

Have you been playing games with him, some women do this, the kind of thing where you think, if i do this,then he will do that, mostly this does not work, if you were playing games to test his feelings, then you need to ask him outright how he feels men are not very good at reading signs.

If there is a chance that you can get back together, you need to make sure that you have sorted out any problems that caused the breakup in the first place. if you dont you will just end up back where you started.
You need to make sure you are compatible in all areas, if you are planning to spend the rest of your life together.

Its essential that you have mutual respect for each other, and while sexual attraction is a neccesary part of any relationship, appreciation and shared values go a long way to avoiding having to deal with going through this problem again.

Relationships are hard work and you have to work hard at them to keep things going, you have to try to learn from your mistakes, if any of the problems in your relationship, are your fault, then you need to acknowledge this,and admit to your partner.

There are ways to get a relationship back on track, so dont give up hope, if you are determined you can mend your relationship.


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