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Italy, world’s twenty-third most-developed country, stands at the southern area of Europe. It is enriched with the finest of Roman and Greek cultures. It has to be acknowledged that Italy has come over the ages and proved herself as one of the greatest features of whole Europe. Every year many tourists gather here to glance upon the marvels of this ancient country that still bears the landmarks of many historic events the country has seen throughout the ages. Italy has developed into a fine city, certainly deserving a visit any day.

Trying to depict the variant cultures of Italy, I must begin with the religion. Roman Catholicism is the foremost religion of the country. The capital, Rome houses the main church of the Pope. Italy is enriched with Catholic culture. But people of other religion are also found at large. History tells that Italy has grown by the influence of Catholic views and cultures. The influence is clearly noticeable in the art, and landmarks all throughout the country.

The next important aspect of the Italian culture is the language. Most people in Italy speak Italian or natively known as “Italiano”. It is the mother tongue of Italy. The flag of the country is three vertical stripes of three colors, green, white and red, from left to right.

The Italian art of literature is what magnetizes the most tourists there every year. Ancient Rome used to be the centre of political activities. Tourists can still find coliseums. These landmarks truly are sights not to be missed. Roman coliseums were used for contests between gladiators and sometimes used for executions. The artwork of Italy is famous around the world. Considered as one of the greatest geniuses of all time, Leonardo da Vinci was born in Italy. Although his master piece “Mona Lisa” is showcased is Paris, most other of his artworks are featured here. “The Last Supper” is showcased in Milan. Modern Rome showcases many statues in the streets and museums. The streets of Italy are still old gravel; at least the ones that have not yet been developed. So normally roaming around in Italy would give anyone the experience of taking a journey back in time.

It is normally considered a culture to ride in scooters or small cars while traveling in Italy. Italy does also feature Ferrari, one of the best in sports car manufacturing. Ferrari’s cars are considered of really high demand. Italy is after all one of the greatest in car exporting.

Italy is rich in Catholic cultures. So, a lot of churches can be seen. These churches have chapels and grand fresco works that are the most unique and one of their kind in the world. Most churches here are traditional and have stain glass artwork. Other landmarks of Italy include the ancient roads, forts, statues, designs and specially the fountains. In Rome a lot of fountains can be seen having variant statues and designs to them. These statues are influenced by Greek cultures. The world war also had effect on the culture of Italians. Napoleon had a lot to do with that. The arts of Italy also feature wall paintings of various artists, depicting many historic occasions. Mosaics are also common here.

Since Venice is called the city of love, many tourists visit here. It is a wonderful city with so many features. None can get enough of the city that seems like it came up from the rivers. Music is one of the greatest arts of Italy. Italy has produced a considerable number of famous musicians. The culture has also influence the quality of music. Many composers have risen from Italy, composing famous operas. Italy also has classic schools solely for the purpose of music. The indigenous music includes the native folk music. Later on in the mid 13thcenturies aristocrat society music were composed for the higher society people. Even today these composes are very popular and considered as classics. A few of the famous composers during those times are Goffredo Petrassi, Luigi Dallapiccola, Gian Carlo Menotti, Luciano Berio and so on. The origin of many classical instruments such as the Violin itself is believed to be around this area of Europe.

Italian culture calls for the highly distinguished Italian cuisine that is recognized around the world. Since ancient times, Italians have always been selective about their food. As a result today Italian dishes are considered a new variety of delicacy all around the world. In most restaurants everywhere a specials attention is given in the menu only for the Italian cuisine. But the true essence of Italian delicacy can only be obtained in Italy. Like most other countries in Europe, Italy is very picky about the food materials used in the cooked food. Only the finest and fresh ingredients are used to prepare the cuisines. Italy is also the birth place of many modern popular menu items. Pizza we eat today originated in Italy and today the finest quality pizzas are only made there. Other cuisines such as Pasta, Spaghetti etc are all original Italian dishes. Italy also hosts food items with variant spices and many categories of bread items.

Another aspect of Italian culture is the clothing fashion department. Italy is one of the richest in fashion designing in the world. Milan is called the fashion capital of the world. Clothes designing, accessories for women and children including shoes and sunglasses all these are of top class here. Italy has many fine brands marketing these products.

Looking at the whole history of Italy, the cultures have grown day by day into its modern state. Trying to keep up with the ever growing west Italy’s traditions are now changing little by little. But some always stay the same in their own unique way. Otherwise, it just wouldn’t be Italy.


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