Vienna – a Heaven on Earth For Tourists

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Viennais one of the six states of Austria and is also the capital of Austria. The city accommodates more than two million inhabitants. It is the largest city of Austria and 10th largest city in the European Union. The city is located in the east Austria and has its own cultural, economic, artistic and historical importance.

The city has an aged and rich history. It’s one of the best cities in the world when it comes to the tourism and people all around the globe just love the city. It’s a complete tourist place; having a mixture of historical and modern buildings, lots of museums, sports facilities, variety of hotels, architecture, classical music, art and rich culture and the list goes on.

If you are planning to go some where for your holidays; Viennais the best place. You will find a plenty of attractions to this city. If you ever get a chance to visit Vienna never miss it because for many people it’s a one in the life time opportunity. This city certainly offers something to each and every visitor.

Do you have a shopping craze? Plenty of shopping malls and boutiques are waiting for you. You are an art lover; Vienna is a place for you. You are interested in historical places, art, music and culture; Vienna will surely not disappoint you.

As thousands of visitors visit the Vienna every day so accommodation can be a problem for many people. First of all you will have to decide the location of your stay. There are plenty of hotels in the city. They range from highly sophisticated to a mid range, relatively cheap, hotels. So it is totally up-to your choice that which hotel you choose. You should decide in accordance to your budget and should always try to book in advance.

Finding an appropriate accommodation is a very basic and essential step for tourists. You should always choose a place from where you can conveniently access all important places like hospitals, railway stations, airport, departmental stores and other places which you want to visit during your stay. Your budget and the places you must want to visit can be the important factors in deciding a place to stay. There are some luxury hotels likeCountry Inn & Suites, Park Inn Uno City, and Radison SAS Palais which are providing great accommodation facilities. Park Inn Uno City is one of the most favorite hotels in Vienna. Other than the facilities provided by the hotel, it is its location that has put it at such a high level of popularity. It is located right in the center of the city so you can excess all the important places from here. Whether you are a business man or a tourist this hotel will provide much convenience to excess all the important business and tourist places. Hotel consists of 138 well furnished rooms. TV sets, high speed internet connection, Telephone and many other facilities are available in the rooms.

The city also attracts tourists from all over the world due to its historical and ancient places, including different palaces and other buildings. Many of them are of 17th century and they have a complete story for their visitors. People love to have photo shots in these antique places. Once you go to Vienna; HofburgImperial Palaceis a place which should never be missed. The palace was built in 13th century and after that it has undergone different changes and renovations. Schonbrunn Palace and baroque palace are some of the other renowned and well known palaces. These palaces are really the masterpieces of art and architecture of 17th century.

There are more than 100 museums and art galleries in the city. This is quite a big number when compared with the population of Austria. The reason for this abundance of museums is that Vienna is a place where most of the Habsburg Emperors reside in the past centuries. Some of these museums are well-known and hence attract large numbers of visitors, likethe Austrian Gallery or Kunsthistorisches Museum. But there are a large number of museums which are less famous and only visited by the people from some specific field of life. Some of them are Backhausen Wiener Werkstätte-Textilmuseum, Alt Wiener Schnapsmuseum and Foltermuseum. Most of the districts in Vienna also have “town museums”. These town museums have varying interests but usually they cater the interest of local people.

Another reason for the popularity of Vienna is its classical music.Vienna has produced many ‘big names’ in classical music like Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss. If you are a lover of classical music, and want to delight yourself with music and great music culture then you will not find a place better than Vienna on the planet. If you visit Vienna, never miss the Vienna Boys’ Choir or the Wiener Philharmoniker. A lot of music concerts and musical nights are arranged in Vienna because music has become a part and parcel of their life.

Viennais a lively place and surely offers some enjoyment to each of its visitors. And it’s really not possible to get bored in Vienna. Glittering shopping malls, boutiques and cafes attract people from different sections of society. Vienna has a rich and prosperous culture. The local dresses, traditions and lifestyle also capture the tourist’s attentions. If you get tired of all those pleasant activities which Vienna offers to its visitors, just sit in some café and watch the local people moving to their places and meeting each other in their own style with their special traditional kiss. Vienna will not disappoint you even in this activity.


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