Problems in American Education

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An effective education system plays an important role in the development and success of a country. America became one of the most powerful countries on the basis of its technological capacity, which was the result of an effective education system. Today, America spends more money on education than any other country in the world. However, the educators agreed that there were serious problems with the current educational system, and it should be restructured or renewed. That their claims for the results of the various reports on the quality of education in America. The United States is ranked 19 in the list of scientific literacy students, 24 in math skills, 12th in reading skills and 26 in the world’s capacity problems. This pales in comparison to other developing countries, where government money spent per child is significantly lower. Therefore, the lack of capital, certainly not the problem. According to the researchers, there are some chronic problems plaguing the American system of education. We will try to get some information on these problems.

Challenges facing the U.S. educational system

In 2001, the Bush administration came under No Child Left Behind (NCLB), with the aim of raising the level of education in the United States on the basis of reports that Hispanic, African American and Latino students as a proportion major college drop out. This law focused on continuous testing to increase accountability. However, the results of the last ten years have shown that the ratings have dropped significantly in math and science, leading to protests by the withdrawal of NCLB. Gaps in education policy is not only affecting the future of millions of students, but also creating a shortage of people who can contribute to the development of the nation.

Teachers are often made scapegoats for the problems in American education. Calls have been made to restructure the teachers union for people who are qualified for the job can be eliminated and replaced by others more qualified. The reality on the ground is that the work of teachers is much harder than it looks. Working hard work, long hours, work pressure and, above all, reality shock are some of the challenges that teachers face on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, then, the field has experienced a dropout rate of around 50% in the last decade, causing losses of $ 7 billion annually. A high rate of attrition of this type not only puts a burden on the education budget already stretched, but also deprives students obtain a quality education.

Bureaucratic and political interference has made matters worse for the American education system. Instead of striving for consensus, the bureaucratic attitude towards reform in education is marked by indecision and complexity. An example of this is the way religion has been taboo in the schools. Instead of having a healthy and progressive debate on “religion” as a subject must be worn at all, politicians of the day are busy filing lawsuits against each other to determine their status in schools.

Parents have an important role to play in the development and education of a child. Students whose parents are actively involved in the education of their children are more likely to complete their education. Parents can cite reasons such as lack of communication and time, but they must understand that it is a serious problem and needs consideration. Without the support of parents, students are vulnerable and can easily be swamped. It is important therefore that parents play a role as well monitored, also act as a guide for their children.

Gun culture, alcohol and drug abuse, are some other challenges facing the education system, but these are essentially social issues and changes in educational policy may or may not deter them. It is, however, does not mean that these issues can be affected, in fact efforts should be made by all of us to identify situations that lead to these problems. Instead of passing the ball, we can all act more responsibly and try to repair the damage to our education system. We hope this brief information about the problems in American education will help meet the challenges that were before us.


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