Aircraft Mechanic Job Description

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Maybe the airplane passengers do not trust the hostesses and stewards as well as confidence in the aircraft mechanics. It is an interesting and very responsible work as aircraft mechanics are people who are used to keep operations safe and efficient aircraft. Its main tasks involve the repair, overhaul, testing, and serving the aircraft, requiring experience primarily in the engine, wings, brakes, the tail of the fuselage, fuel tanks y. Aircraft mechanics are generally used in commercial airlines, military, and private companies, which inspect and test the safety of aircraft assigned to them. Working as an aircraft mechanic can sometimes be daunting, since the planes are relatively difficult to work because of its breadth. Applicants for this position of prestige in the aviation sector, the need to prepare to work in adverse weather conditions, so that passenger safety is not compromised with. Although this is just flapping out the job description aircraft mechanic, the following sections explain the nature of work, education requirements, salary scale and aircraft mechanics. Read on for more information.

Job Description Aircraft Mechanic

Educational Requirements
Although a high school diploma is the minimum education requirement for those who are interested in pursuing this career, a 18-month degree can open doors to a number of opportunities in the field of mechanical aircraft. Many airlines consider people that have this degree, and provide jobs accordingly. However, in order to start working as an aircraft mechanic, you must be certified by the government after passing an examination held by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Distinction in the written tests, oral and practical, the applicant seek a license to start working as an aircraft mechanic. In addition to the certifications, you can also enroll in a flight school to learn more about the skills necessary to become an aircraft mechanic with success, which is very useful for their work.

Nature of Work
As mentioned above, aircraft mechanics to ensure the safety and efficiency of all aircraft, and for this very reason, their work can not be underestimated. They maintain a good level of work and who are proficient in all aspects of aircraft maintenance. His duties include fixing issues with the engine, airframe, equipment and fuel tanks. At times, aircraft mechanics also report critical issues on the faulty installation of the maintenance crew. Usually work 40 hours a week in power plants of the airline that employs, or other sites where necessary repairs. Aircraft mechanics often run test flights riding and making the necessary adjustments and arrangements. To this end, the tools include power analyzers, ammeters, distributor timers, compression checkers, etc, with the help of those who read, understand and make the necessary changes. The job requires a critical expertise, and therefore, the rewards are fruitful.

Pay Scale
In the United States from June 2011, the average annual wages for aircraft mechanics was recorded at $ 75,000, which is driven by the number of years of experience, geographic region, the mechanic is used in place work and the skills he or she has. While having started his career in aircraft mechanics, get a good salary of about $ 35,000, many aircraft mechanics with experience of over 10 years to win up to $ 90,000. Ultimately, with increasing experience and improved technical skills, salary figures for a walk too.

The economy is improving with each passing day, and more and more aircraft are being introduced, taking into account the improvement of people’s living level. This creates a great need for aircraft maintenance, and therefore, aircraft mechanics and technicians. Those who graduate from training programs, aircraft mechanic has exposure to a range of career opportunities, taking into account the skills added to learn, and therefore, greater knowledge compared with those existing mechanics aircraft. regional airlines are the fastest growing segment of the aviation industry and those working in this sector of the aviation industry can expect a good salary increase within a few years.

It is a varied and interesting career for those who are willing to give a bit of hard work. A career as an aircraft mechanic assures a strong wage to take home, and a secure future, because the only thing your work is highly dependent on their skills. The better your skills, the greater the number of employment opportunities. But sometimes, it becomes even more stressful to repair the aircraft at the earliest, due to strict timetables. However, once an aircraft mechanic get the hang of working smarter, work becomes fun.


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