How You Can Forgive a Cheating Husband

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Trust is a valuable commodity and some say without trust, you cant have a great marriage. So what do you do next if you have a cheating husband? Do you try to forgive or do you mope your spilled love and move on to another? Only one person can answer that question and that is you. There are, of course, some factors to consider when making the choice.

First and foremost, has he apologized and accepted responsibility for HIS actions. If he cant admit that he has made a huge mistake without passing the blame on to someone else then you need to walk away. Do not let him make this your fault.

No matter what problems you have in your marriage, it does not give him the right to go outside of your marriage. Some men claim they dont get enough sex and because of this, it is the wifes fault that he strayed. Not so. For women, sex is not only physical but emotional, too. If your marriage has trouble or you have other stresses in your life that you cant control, then often times, sex seems more like a chore than an enjoyment. Thus, addressing the underlying issue would more than likely fix the lack of sex issue.

Please dont blame the other woman, either. Yes, she participated in an act that has deeply hurt you but she did Not make your husband lay down with her. Blaming her might make it easier to forgive him but it is not the way to move past the situation. Plus it will be telling him, go ahead and sleep around, I know its not your fault.

Next, if he has apologized and taken the blame, does he really mean it? It is easy to say what you think someone wants to hear. It is a far different thing to be truly sorry and seeking forgiveness. Without true remorse, the cheating will more than likely continue to occur.

Some people simply cant be in committed relationships. If you are married to someone like this, of course, he doesnt feel that the infidelity was a horrible mistake. If, however, you do believe him, there may be a way to salvage the shell thats left and rebuild, but, as I stated in the beginning, that is entirely up to you.

If you have children, this adds another aspect to the situation. Now its not only your needs that need to be considered but your childrens as well. Many women have stayed after their husbands have cheated simply for the children. This Will Not work! I know people who have done this only to have their spouses continue to cheat, putting their children through more pain and in the end, they still end up divorced.

If you dont have love for your spouse, or feel that you will never be able to forgive, then dont stay in the relationship. Staying for your children will only end up hurting them more in the end. Remember childrens future relationships are modeled after the ones theyve witnessed. What type of marriage do you want for your children?


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