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Thank you all for visiting my site. Every female has a dream or a definite wish to look younger, firmer and healthier as she grows older, every one wants to get rid of wrinkle which cover the beauty of  their faces. Well don’t be too much worried now because I will be posting only those secret elements which I have been doing on my self , and the results are far way positive. Now many would be thinking why I would be giving some truth ful tips. well the answer is I simply believe one should be honest when talking out or want the world know that its not necessary expensive products or medicine are the only way out to look younger , healthier and firmer. There is absolutely no harm or my loss for speaking out the truth.  So ladies slowly I will keep adding more stuff but for now to start up as my first post I will jot down few things which I in my normal routine do it on my self.

  • We cannot by law of nature diminish or vanish spots, scars or aging spots but we can reduce them up to 80% with regular use of this following mixture:  mix in  quantity of 1 lemon juice,2 Tbs of Honey, 2 Tbs of Yogurt. Mix until think past is formed. apply leave it for 15 minutes ,gently scrub then rinse of with normal water. use this at least once a week. 

  • When we are born we usually have lighter complexion , when we are in our mid 20’s we are living with the fairer complexion. As we cross our 30 line,a layer of skin sheds off , further as we cross our line of forty another layer of our skin sheds of. So in some what ways we become and grow darker and develop little toned up or dark skin. Well here is the remedy that can actually  help reduce dark skin making it glow with continuous application , reduce acne scarring , pigmentation etc. Ask your nearby chemist to make this one up for you. In 30 gm of vanishing cream add 1% of salicylic acid. Apply a dot of this cream on your face and leave it for over night. You will feel slight irritation but don’t be alarmed simply leave it.Do this for two weeks and see the difference.

  • want to make your teeth look whiter mix peroxide with baking soda and Voila ! see the difference after one do.


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