Pros And Cons of Internet in The Present Day Society

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The internet has become so much part and parcel of our daily lives that most of us can afford to skip a meal today, but can’t afford to skip browsing the internet for an hour!

Unless the pros of internet in today’s society are so overwhelmingly more, it is obvious that internet would not have seen such a phenomenal development in the last decade.

The following are the unassailable pros of Internet

(1) We all need information, news, views, advice, guidance, opinions, fun, entertainment, enlightenment, gossip, facts, fiction, rumor, thrill, religion, spirituality, sex, voyeurism, communication, pictures, video, audio, reality, imagination, truth, falsehood and what not in every day life. Every single element in this long list is available in abundance through the internet virtually at our finger tips at the click of a mouse.

(2) Internet is now a global library, a global cinema hall, a global newspaper, a global TV, a global shop, a global theater, a global marketplace and a global society without barriers or boundaries between countries, continents, religions, languages and ethnicity.

(3) The greatest use of Internet has been in personal communication through e-mail, chat and social networking. No person is too alien. No country is too distant. No event is too private.

(4) For such of those people who do not particularly enjoy going out, visiting shopping malls, standing in queues or in rubbing shoulders amidst milling crowds, the following are some of the greatest pros in using internet:

  • ability to book tickets for Railways, Airways and Cinema Halls sitting in the comforts of the home

  • ability to do most of my banking transactions, trading in shares, managing personal finance and investments,
    payments of taxes, submission of Income Tax returns – virtually every activity through on-line transactions.

  • Ability to buy many things – right from hand kerchiefs to houses and automobiles through on-line shopping and auctioning.

  • Ability to sell off many things that you don’t want – like for example the unwanted gifts that you received during Christmas, through on-line selling.

  • Possibility of running your own on-line trading and merchandising businesses through Internet

  • Possibility of utilizing your skills to productive use, like web-content writing, freelance writing, logo creation, on-line tutoring, creating pictures on T-shirts, coffee mugs etc and try selling them to earn some money in this way.

 and so on.

The world and the entire creation consists of good, bad and ugly things. Every coin has two sides. “Joy and woe are woven fine, the clothing for the soul divine”. Internet is no exception to the rule.

Here are the cons of the internet in today’s society

Information overkill

The internet has more than reasonable amount of over-information, dross, misinformation, useless information and filth. At times, seeking a factually correct, reliable, specific and focused information from the Internet may be akin to finding a needle in hey stack.

Advertisement over kill

One screen-full of any web page contains hardly a quarter of space of useful information. The rest of the space is occupied by advertisements.

Viruses, worms and spyware

The shrewdness and the brilliance of and the technology used by trouble-makers in internet always seem to be one step ahead of those who fight against such threats. All these malicious threats stealthily enter into your computer while you are browsing the internet. Result? Data loss, data damage and huge loss of productive hours.

A real threat of loss of personal identity and sensitive personal information

Your bank account, credit card, critical personal information and documents – everything has a potential to reach the hands of criminals by what is known as “phishing” through the Internet. There is real threat looming large someone may swindle money from your bank account, buy goodies through your credit card, and even impersonate you in indulging in heinous activities.

Junk mail and spam

Is there any one who is not suffering from these assaults on day-to-day basis?

Free availability of adult stuff and perverted thinking

The less said about it, the better. The internet has got every filthy, abusive and mind-corrupting stuff that can damage young minds and old minds without barrier. Sitting at the comforts of your house, you can learn how to assemble and detonate bombs to kill hundreds of people in one go.

Wastage of productive time

How many times have you opened the Internet “just to see your e-mail inbox” for a few minutes, only to end up browsing the internet by jumping from one link to another and one site to another aimlessly and came out fretting and fuming after spending two to three hours utterly uselessly?

Next only to speaking at cell phone, if you measure the greatest consolidated time wasters of the global community, spending time uselessly at the Internet will rank the second largest!

    With all the negatives associated with Internet, there is just no question of the society turning its face against Internet. The internet will continue to grow in future along with its negative side effects in equally good (bad?)measure.


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