Nudes And The Body Beautiful

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You are beautiful accept it

 The nude throughout history, has in one way or another, caused controversy and although totally acceptable in art, the nude always seemed to be looked upon, as a giggle to the young, A blush to the innocent, a smile to the adult man about town, and a shy glance from the spinster.

Why try to be anything other than yourself?

 Why are we so ashamed of our bodies? Is it because we feel we don’t live up to the accepted “Perfect Body”? But when you think about it, if the whole human race were naked, we would find our body is pretty well on a par with the rest.

Young girls strive to be, as their idols, in the pop or model world, and reach size zero, but these models are not the norm, if we could only accept ourselves as the way we are, then one hell of a lot of people would be far happier than they are now.

Body building can be a “Turn off”


Men and women “Work Out” to build muscles that at times are almost ugly, don’t you know if your work hard and do a good days work you will have a “Good Body” with no effort? And as for women doing body building, that’s got to be the biggest turn off to any man, or most anyway

Girls! A man’s idea of “The perfect Woman” is not what you think, so just forget about “That figure” and just be normal, I don’t mean you should let yourself go but just be normal.

Be yourself

Your body has a natural shape, and so it should only be when its shape is changed through misuse should you try to change it, if by over eating or simply eating the “Wrong kinds of food” your body might lose its natural shape, then and only then, should you take action to correct it.

Be happy

So there you have it, as long as you are healthy the body you have works well for you, if you just accept what you have and leave nature to take care of things you will be happy, it’s when you constantly try to alter what nature has given you will you find unhappiness.


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