Some Interesting Facts About Women

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Women are always a thing of attraction for men. Here are some interesting facts about women. Read and share your opinion.

·Women blink her eyes two times more than men do.

· For every seven seconds, a baby is born on this earth.

·Woman’s hair is about half the diameter of man’s hair.

·Scent produced from grapefruit would make middle aged woman appear six years younger to man.

·The strongest muscle in women’s body is the tongue.

·Whole grain can significantly reduce the risk of strokes among women.

·Geetha Devi, a resident of Usra village near Ranchi in India delivered her ninth baby at the age of 63 on January 1999. According to gynecologists it is a strange case, as they claimed that motherhood in women would not be possible after the age of 50.

· In Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam, Nguyen Thi Ngoe, a 13 year old girl looks as old as her grandmother, who is in the age of 80. According to medical report, Ngoe is suffering from Hutchinson’s disease.

·Sania Sayyed, hailed from Madhya Pradesh, India in her 18 years created a world record by singing continuously for 131 hours in 2009.

·An eight-inch needle was recovered from the uterus of Rokeya Begum, a resident of Puthimari village of Assam state of India in 2009, after 12 years. She had undergone an abortion about 12 years ago.

·As health experts feel, girls under 15 years of age are more vulnerable to death during their pregnancy.

·Among Indian states, a Rajasthan stand first in child marriage which has an average age of a girl at marriage is 16.6 years.

·Girls are more adhere to the cosmetics than boys.

·World is celebrating March 8 as the international women’s day every year.

* Women account for more than half of university graduates receive only 30 percent of tertiary degrees granted in science and engineering.

In some countries,

*Women often getting lesser salary than men, eventhough they have higher education.

* Women are more often subjected to domestic violence men.

* In many countries joining military is mandatory for men, but, not for women.

* In most of Indian families , women do not get a share of parental property.






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