Climate Getting Warmer, Higher Than Earlier

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     Climate is getting warmer day by day thanks to the emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This is just because of the reason that the concentrations of main greenhouse gases have reached their highest level since pre-industrial times. Rise in the emission of greenhouse gases resulted in the increase of radiation in the atmosphere, which in turn warm the surface of the earth.

     Gases such as Methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, which are released by vehicles and industries were responsible for the climate change. These gases would not harm the atmosphere if they are under permissible limit. If exceed the limit then they harmful to the atmosphere. Radiation

Coming into the atmosphere rose by 27.5 percent during the period 1990-2009, and witnessed one percent increase in the year 2009 alone.

  • Carbon dioxide which is abundant in the atmosphere is one of the most important greenhouse gases which are contributing more than 63 percent for radiation in the atmosphere.

     Human activity is major cause for the emission of carbon dioxide. Emission from vehicles, industries contributes a lot for the carbon emission. Burning fossil fuels, deforestation are other reasons for the cause.

The amount already exceeded in the atmosphere, and it would take more than a century for carbon dioxide to disappear if emissions stopped with immediate effect, experts feel.

  • Methane is one more greenhouse gas responsible for climate change. 

     Natural as well as human activities were responsible for the emission of methane in the atmosphere. More than 60 per cent accounts for human activities such as cattle rearing, fossil fuel exploitation, rice planting and landfills. On the other hand, increased rainfall on wetlands, melting of the Arctic icecap was natural emissions of methane.


  • In the long term it may threaten food security at global level which is a main concern for many, especially for developing and poor countries.  In February, 2011, global food prices hit a record high.

  • Floods and drought were the direct results of climate change.

  • Many towns and nearby areas may submerge due to rise in sea level which is a direct impact of global warming.

     Governments should take immediate steps to check the emission of greenhouse gases; otherwise future generation may pay the price for it. Adding, they may curse us. 


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