Buffets To Hit And Miss In Atlantic City

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Waterfront Buffet

Harrah’s Resort Casino in Atlantic City is so elegant in it’s own right, with it’s high class looks and beautiful decor, it’s no surprise that the Waterfront Buffet is my favorite. It is on the higher priced side, but the value is there. Considering the size of the casino there’s always plenty of available seating with very little wait time. The decor was gorgeous with huge windows and great lighting. The setup of the buffet itself has a perfect flow for patrons to be able to move from station to station freely without feeling like being on top of one another. The first thing I noticed about the food was the quality, from the meats to the desserts it was plain to see that only the best cuts and finest produce were being used. There were so many different varieties as well, something for everyone as they say. My personal favorite was the variety of sushi. One thing for sure is that you have to arrive hungry cause you will find yourself making well more than 2 or 3 trips back to the buffet line. They serve all the favorites like pasta, seafood and of course out of this world desserts, but they also have more exotic flavors for the curious like a Gyro Bar and the Brazilian Meat station. You will not be let down by the tastiness and abundance of food for your dining experience. I wholeheartedly give the Waterfront Buffet at Harrah’s Resort Casino 5 out of 5 stars. 

Virginia City Buffet

Hidden up an escalator, and nestled in the corner of the Wild Wild West Casino is the Virginia City Buffet. Having visited this buffet on a couple of occasions it ranks high on my list. They have never let me down yet, hence why I keep going back. The cost is pretty reasonable as well. I like how the tables are set up here, there’s plenty of seating for all, and they automatically have a bowl with extra napkins and wet naps waiting for you at your table. I also like the horseshoe shape of this buffet, it gives it a very nice flow. Depending on the time of day you may have heavier traffic then other times, as well as special food options for the dinner service that you won’t get at lunch. All the staples are there, savory pastas, yummy soups and Chinese stir fry. You can also have your choice of different steaks. I loved the strip steak, it was so tasty. I really enjoyed the dessert options as well, both the sugar-free and sugar loaded types. My favorite was the cheesecake, top notch for me. The only thing about this buffet I didn’t like was the bathroom, you have to go down the escalator out of the dining area to get to the bathroom. I give Virginia City Buffet at Wild Wild West Casino 4 out of 5 stars. 

La Piazza

La Piazza is located in Caesars Casino. The cost is a bit pricey for the dining experience. The seating area is beautiful with granite looking table and comfortable chairs. I unfortunately wasn’t very impressed with the food at this particular buffet. The quality was average. There’s one buffet line on the right side of the room. There were different kinds of foods, salads, pasta and seafood along with Asian influenced cuisine. Yet the true variety wasn’t there. The buffet line felt like a school cafeteria. At 5’2 I’m not the tallest around, but with food placed out of reach this buffet is not for the short. There was food placed high above where others could reach. I had to ask for assistance to get to any high-flying cuisine. Thankfully the food wasn’t bland, there were good flavors involved in the cuisine which helped save this buffet a little bit. The one true saving grace this buffet had was the dessert area. It’s a candy dream, all your favorite penny candies from when you were younger are included in the buffet. I’m not embarrassed to say that a little more than a few candy pieces ended up in my purse. The pastries were also very tasty as well. I give La Piazza at Caesars Casino 2 out of 5 stars. 


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