Viral Attack on The World Environment

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The world is ready now to celebrate one more World Environment Day on 5th June of this year also. It is a must for every human being to think of the purpose of this celebration. Celebrities across the world are squaring up to their fellow stars, individuals and communities have various awareness programs, all in the name of world environment. But it is very disheartening that common man is still out of reach of these awareness programs.

Why to celebrate a World Environment Day?

There can be no doubt that the world is being polluted more and more in spite of all shouting from some corners of the world. What is more dangerous is the selfish attitude of commercialism and consumerism that is making the world more and more polluted. World is growing more and more selfish and consumerist, careless about the consequences of their damages to its existence. Every day the atmosphere is being polluted creating more health hazards. Time has come to stop this suicidal behavior of human beings which will end in an utter collapse. Will this World Environment Day help to realize the dangers of viral attack on human attitude?

Purpose of World Environment Day

World Environment Day is meant to stimulate awareness of the environment and to enhance political attention and public awareness. Initiated by the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, this day is observed on 5th of June every year.

It was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 with the great intention of protecting humanity from disasters that are caused by environmental pollutions and global warming.

World Environment Day of this year

Since the year 2011 is observed as the International Year of the Forest, World Environment Day also gives preference to the conservation of forests. Forests are the source of rains and hence focus is on forests and trees. This year India is the hosting country of the World Environment Day programs. India, being the most populated democratic country in the world it has great responsibility in protecting the world environment.

Viral attack of selfish commercialism in the host country

Unfortunately, selfish human elements are more active in this country than any other, forcing the whole population of the country into corruption and complete ruin. The country is losing the roots of moral values, influenced more by the western culture. More and more trees are cut; forests are occupied, not by poor people but by selfish people who find out loopholes to make the forest lands as encroachments. Selfish commercialism is actually behind this encroachment, inducing ignorant people to occupy such lands and after sometime these business people snatch them from those poor people and sell them at soaring prices.

Think of humanity on this World Environment Day

World is a gift from God to the whole humanity. It is the duty of every human being to keep it a place of happy living for all. But man, by his selfishness and greed, has changed this world into a den of commercial burglars. Let humanity open its eyes at least now. Let the world as a united front rise against the viral attacks on its welfare. Let a united effort make this year’s World Environment Day a day of reflections to eradicate the virus of selfishness.


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