Supplements to Gain Muscle – Four Mandatory Supplements You Must Have

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Ask anyone who thinks going to the gym is the ONLY way to build muscles and they will tell you that taking supplements to build muscle is nothing but a load of bull.While it is true that there are too many supplements out there that only serve to make a hole in your pocket, there are still those that will help you greatly in achieving your goal of building your muscles.

 Protein Powder Powers

 Protein Powders are likely the most popular and most coveted supplements especially by to those who are after building their muscles. The most asked questions about it centers around how effective it is in building muscles, if so, how much of it is required, as well as which kind is the most appropriate and whether it’s really necessary as part of an effective weight gain program.

Protein powder taken as supplements to build muscle is not absolutely necessary to get you to look powerfully built and attractive to the ladies. Workout programs that include lifting weights is sufficient especially when done with proper food intake and a controlled way of living.However, I have not observed anybody who gained muscle mass very fast without adding a protein powder supplement into their daily food consumption.

 Protein Powder against Cooking Food

Eating regularly cooked food so that you gain more muscle mass is okay but should you find yourself having to consume more than 200 grams of protein daily, it becomes more practical to resort to adding protein powder into your diet.This does not mean however that you forego taking in whole food because at the end of the day, whole food gives you a whole spectrum of minerals and nutrients that protein powders cannot.Just take care to only get your protein from such healthy sources like lean meat, poultry, eggs and fish.

Creatinine Wonders

Another popular supplement is called creatinine which have been proven to not only enhance the amount of energy in your body and your performance while working out but also to make your muscles stronger and bigger in size. The powdered variety and the kind known as Creapure is the most effective type of creatinine.Intake should be done for at least twelve months, before and after each session at the gym, also in the mornings, regardless of whether you are in training or not.

 Multivitamins and Fish Oils Againsts Glutamine

Aside from protein powders and creatinine, you can also add multivitamins and fish oils into your diet as they are proven to be important in terms of gaining muscle weight.On the other hand, glutamine should not be part of this list as studies have shown that although our body needs it, as far as muscle building is concerned, it does not do anything at all.

The four items mentioned above are the most effective and the most popular supplements to build muscle.Take them as instructed and consistently and progressively work on your body building program at the gym and you should be on your way to looking as buffed and powerful as any movie star.


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