Lewis Hamilton Deserves a Break

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Sebastian Vettel has the fastest car in the world of Grand Prix at the moment. He started the 2011 season in the same way as he ended 2010, by winning. It looked as if this year was going to be a one horse race until the Chinese Grand Prix, when Lewis Hamilton surprised everyone including himself, by overtaking and beating Vettel.

Once again, at the Spanish Grand Prix, Vettel won, but only by 0.4 of a second to Hamilton. It was clear to see towards the end of the race, that although the back markers moved out of the way for Vettel, they appeared to be dawdling when Lewis began to attack, and prepare himself to overtake. Whether this was deliberate collusion to help Red Bull is unclear, but it did prevent Lewis from claiming first place.

Qualifying Day was 28th May 2011

Lewis in his CarLewis in his Car

Last Saturday 28th May at Monaco, Lewis stamped his supremacy by being the fastest qualifier in Q1 and Q2. In Q3 he had not posted his time, because he had to go into the Maclaren garage. Whilst he was in there, an accident occurred , and the young Mexican driver was taken to hospital. The track was cleared, and chicanes moved, whilst Lewis had to sit on the race track waiting for his turn to improve on his time.

After sitting for approximately 40 minutes, in which time his tyres cooled down , he was not able to get the best out of his car, and ended up 7th fastest, but afterwards was relegated to 9th position on the grid, because he had missed a chicane.

Lewis knew his only hope to improve his position was to try and overtake in the race, and because he is a fighter , and very exciting to watch, this is what he did. In his efforts ,unfortunately, he took Massa and Maldonado off the track , and after the race, in his frustration, he said angry words about them, for which he later apologised.

This is What happened

He was also hauled up to the stewards for his overtaking methods, and jokingly said to them like Ali G, ” Was he being picked on because he was black.?”

It was obviously a joke in poor taste, but in the past has had to deal with plenty of racial abuse in this sport from some members of the public, and surely joking like this shows he allows it to wash over him. Also what I want to know is why so much fuss when Lewis accidentally puts someone off the track when Michael Schumacher does it, it is referred to as a ” Racing Incident” likewise Vettel, when he pushed Button off last year, and then went on to get points for himself.

This is My Opinion

Lewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton

The truth is, Lewis knew he could win that race, but a set of unfortunate circumstances prevented it, as did being held up the week before in Spain, and if I was in his place I would be equally frustrated. He is a human being with feelings and emotions, and a great passion for his sport. He is not perfect, but none of the people who criticise him are either.

Sebastian Vettel has a fast car, but Lewis has grit and determination, and more than his share of bad luck recently. Lewis deserves a break, give him time, and he will show who the best Formula One driver is. I applaud him for coming up from 9th to 6th in spite of all the penalties imposed on him.



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