How to Hide an Album of Facebook Privacy Settings?

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To hide a facebook privacy settings album thumbnail Hold a private photo album from your facebook privacy settings profile.

Report this photo although facebook privacy settings profile provides a convenient platform for sharing photos with friends, you can also store photos on a private website for your personal use. Facebook privacy settings have an option that you hide your phone numbers so that they are invisible to everyone but you can. The function is very useful when your favorite photos, without saving them publicly. Facebook privacy settings use built in tools to keep an album on the radar screen.



        1Visit facebook privacy settings and click on “Profile” in the upper right corner of the page. Your profile will be displayed.

        2 Click on “Photos” in the left section of your profile. His recordings appear.

        3 Click on an album you want to hide. Photos in the album appear.

        4 Click on “Edit Album” above the images. A pop-up window opens.

        5 Click “facebook privacy settings” tab and click Customize. The options will be displayed.

        6 Click the drop-down menu in the “visible” and click on “Just me.”

        7 Click Save facebook privacy settings.

What is your year of birth on facebook privacy settings change?

To change the shape of his old shows up for facebook privacy settings to see their fans, you can at any time and as often as editing your facebook privacy settings profile desired. The only requirement for personal information should be amended on facebook privacy settings, you log into your account when you make changes.


    Easy Instructions


        Access your facebook privacy settings account and select “Profile” in the list of options near the top right corner of the screen.


        Select “edit profile”. This option appears as the last item in the list of personal information.


        Click on the arrow next to the birth year and choose a new year. Note that the drop-down menu to select the date of birth is just under your birthday on the same screen. You can choose to display day, month and year. You can choose to display the day and month only, or you can enter all the data.


        Select “Save Changes” to the new configuration.  facebook privacy settings to “websites and applications.” Click “Edit” next to a personal website, and then click “Delete” next to all kinds of optional information. Certain information, such as information on the basic profile, is needed by applications and can not be removed if be overruled by the full site facebook privacy settings Connect.

Tips & Hints

    Set your facebook privacy settings to control how users their facebook privacy settings page.


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