What Information is Available on Facebook Privacy Settings Connect?

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Facebook privacy settings were founded in 2008 as a way to make it easier for facebook privacy settings users to connect external Web sites launched. Button with facebook privacy settings login now appears on many Web sites that you do not have to remember separate user names and passwords for each site. Even if you have some control over parts of your profile can access these sites have, the platform for the exchange of data caused some concern for facebook privacy settings is.

        By clicking the Connect button on other Web site facebook privacy settings, you will be prompted to enter your facebook privacy settings credentials, if not already connected then asked to deny or does the website to access your personal information. The dialog box shows.

        The strict your facebook privacy settings, the information are less available to external sites by default.

        If you want to use, facebook privacy settings Connect, do not, however, external sites posting on the wall or take other measures to restrict the permissions on the facebook privacy settings to “websites and applications.” Click “Edit” next to a personal website, and then click “Delete” next to all kinds of optional information. Certain information, such as information on the basic profile, is needed by applications and can not be removed if be overruled by the full site facebook privacy settings Connect.


        If you do not want websites that the information you need to use it, facebook privacy settings Connect access, you can cancel the “Remove application” on the Preferences page, request access to your account. You will not be able to use facebook privacy settings Connect on these pages, without connecting them to access, but most websites, you can without using a separate account to log on to facebook privacy settings record


        Visit log the facebook privacy settings website and in your account.


        Enter the name of your friend to send you a link to the profile. You can also click on the “friends” on the right side of the facebook privacy settings home page for a list of your friends. Click on the name of your friend go to your profile.


Copy the exact URL you want to publish, including” facebook privacy settings and paste it into the field. For example, the full URL will allow your friend, click on the link directly instead of copying and pasting into facebook privacy settings


        Click “facebook privacy settings ” button. Use the arrows to select an image or link in the “No Thumbnail” if you want to appear a picture with your link.


        Leave a message with your link in the “Say something in this link …” Field. You can leave it blank if you wish. Click the “Share”, a link to send the profile wall. You can also use this method to display links to your own Facebook profile wall.


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