How to Add a Link to a Facebook Privacy Settings Profile

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Facebook privacy settings offer several ways to include links to profiles, either in your personal data directly to the wall or the profile. If you add a link to your personal profile, the visibility depends on facebook privacy settings. If you send a link to a facebook privacy settings profile wall, all your friends and friends of the person can see. By placing links to facebook privacy settings, do not forget to include the full address if you want to live your links.



    A link to their profile information

        Visit log the facebook privacy settings website and in your account. Click on your name in the upper left corner of the homepage to access your facebook privacy settings profile.

        Click on the “Edit Profile” at the top right corner of the profile page.

        Click “edit profile” to “information” in the left menu. Copy the entire link, including in the “facebook privacy settings” on the ground.

        Click “Save Changes” to save a link to your profile.

        Click the “basics” for a link to your “About Me” section to add. You can also find links in several areas of his “philosophy” of the article. The links you add to your profile will appear in the “News” on your profile page.

    Show a link to a facebook privacy settings profile wall


        Visit log the facebook privacy settings website and in your account.


        Enter the name of your friend to send you a link to the profile. You can also click on the “friends” on the right side of the facebook privacy settings home page for a list of your friends. Click on the name of your friend go to your profile.


        Copy the exact URL you want to publish, including  and paste it into the field. For example, the full URL will allow your friend, click on the link directly instead of copying and pasting into a web browser.


        Click “Join” button. Use the arrows to select an image or link in the “No Thumbnail” if you want to appear a picture with your link.


        Leave a message with your link in the “Say something in this link …” Field. You can leave it blank if you wish. Click the “Share”, a link to send the profile wall. You can also use this method to display links to your own facebook privacy settings profile wall.


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