A Special Poem For The Dead: All The Heroes on Memorial Day!

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It is a decoration day for the dead

It is time to reminisce the indefatigable sweet memories

A call for acceptance that, sometimes, life is a mess

And a call for repentance for the wrongdoings committed

A time to magnify one’s strength in the presence of The Almighty

A time to renew one’s covenant with Thee regardless of beliefs and cultures

As long as you and I are the worthy creatures of Him, the Omnipotent Being

Here I am! Save my life from eternal flame, save me from the outer darkness

For killing a thousand of foes fighting against our country

Assess me for my good service to my fellowmen.

Cleanse my soul and free me from my agony

My death is not worth living for, if my sins have not yet obliterated.

It was not my fault of killing my enemies

They were the menace of our country

I killed them, especially those who fought with their twisted beliefs

And those who usurped our country’s territory

Spare me for the brutal killings! I did all of them not because of my personal greed

But because of my service and unconditional love

To my fellowmen in particular and to my country in general

And to my country, my death is worth remembering–just for the service

Money is nothing; it can’t be bought with happiness that I deserved till death,

My service is heartily dedicated to your country and my beloved country

In the heat of a fever

I feel my life will come to an end.

All those times of carefree,

Finally had their heroic fees.

What is the purpose of this death?

I asked myself one day,

In this celestial place that I never knew

Thinking deeply against the heroic passage of the day.

I grimly noticed I have severed my temporal life already from spiritual life,

Bringing with me the ecstasy of an undying heroic duty,

An arrow had hit my heart worthily,

At first I was confused with what was happening to me

I found myself all in white,

What an experience, what a fright,

I saw a group of people just like me,

Waiting for their turn ever patiently,

An angel escorted me and said,

It’s your turn now to see the judge,

My heart pounded, it pounded so aloud,

I could feel the beat coming through my shroud.

A kind faced man looked at me,

He said,”Son how you lived your life before you came here?”

Then I saw my life in a flash

I never knew this day would come at last.

I cried when I told Him my story—I am a soldier with pride and might

For the years I served just for the country’s sake because of the duty I truly rendered,

I was so excogitated and flabbergasted,

I thought I lost hope; but then something to me, He showed up.

                 “You served your country well and you were its hero,

                 So jolly, so kind, and so heavenly blessed.

                When you grew up you didn’t talk to me,

                In your work you completely delivered me.

                I’m giving you another chance,

                To live your life again,

                Promise me that you may continue serving your country.

                Be proud that you are a soldier; be proud that you are a hero

               And most of all be proud that your country

              And its people keep on remembering you

              For your worth and heroic deeds

              That they absolutely salute!

              Despite your killing a thousand of foes

              I forgive you for what you have done

             For your temporal transgression.”

From then on I change my way,

Every day to the Lord I pray,

Thanking Him of the times He gave,

For my soul He kindly saved.

My days of searching are finally over,

I found peace, love and hope

That only the Lord can offer

Now I know that it’s not too late,

To change your life and my life too.

This to the spiritual world I say, again and again

Give the Lord a moment of everyday,

We do not know when our salvation is up,

Make it a practice, make it a virtue

So that God, country and people will keep on remembering you,

Even in your Memorial Day!


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