Spare a Few Minutes This Summer to Peep Into Your Inner Room

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The cool days of spring are just leaving us behind. The days of summer with pleasant promises have reached us. Flowers blossom and apple trees bloom. Nature dances around us calling us to enjoy with it. It is a call for pleasant memories. It is a call for enjoying the pleasures of love. It is a call to come closer to all in our family and with God.

Summer calls us to come closer

 In this summer find a time to go into your inner room also

Summer for many may mean to go out and enjoy. Just enjoy, without any limitation. But it is not so. Enjoyment never means to make life noisier and deplorable. It is to build up relationships and love. It is to keep up the rhythm of nature and make it more memorable through living experiences. Summer is also a time to go into your inner room. It is also to close the doors and enjoy the time.

The world today is noisier. Cell phones equipped with voice, email services with voice chats and countless social networks and Web sites that offer you many ways to communicate are filling your life with a lot of noise. They make you stay informed as well as drag you to waste your time or kill your time. They may force you and your mind filled with noise. They never allow you to slip into your inner room. They force you to forget the words of Jesus, inviting you to solitude. Find a time in this summer also to hear the voice of your Father. Jesus said, “But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” (Matthew6:6RSV)

Experience the love of God this summer

Of course summer is full of joy and hope. Every morning dawns with promising hope of God’s love. Every minute that trickles from us leaves behind traces of God’s love which may not be noticed by us. Every chirp that you hear from a bird is an invitation to build up relationship with people around you. Every leaf that shoots with different hues of green shade calls you for a life of fertility and sharing love. Every sound that is brought by the breeze is a new message of hope from God. Every shining pebble that lies sparkling in the creek reminds you to the purpose of your life.

Build up hope and joy this summer

Summer is the season to go out together. Build up good relationship within your family through sharing joy together. Build up relationship with others by meeting them and sharing your love with them. Interact with all around you and share love with them.

This summer may pass but not your hope and joy

The season will change. The bright and busy days flash by so swiftly that somber fall will arrive soon, followed by grave winter. Let not this summer make you just “live for the moment” chasing your whim wherever it takes you, including dangerous falls. Keep in mind that the pleasures of summer are even briefer than summer itself. The lingering euphoria may fade away in just your blinking time. You may lose chances of good memories and experiences of loving memories for which summer is an auspicious occasion.

Hence, do not forget to peep into your inner room while your excitement takes you in a cycle of continuous quests for pleasure that grow increasingly hard to enjoy as time slows and weakens the body. Amidst all enjoyment of summer do not forget to spare a few minutes to peep into your inner room and contact your Father. For as the Bible says, “All things are full of weariness; a man cannot utter it; the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.” (Ecclesiastes 1:8)


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