The Characteristics of The Website / Blog Favored by Google

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The main purpose of a true blogger to create a blog actual and ought certainly to be liked and interested visitors. However, in line with world progress in Indonesia’s blogger more and more people from a master and up to the laity began his career became a blogger. And the effect is more and more blogs are popping up. These blogs almost 80% of his quality is not inferior to each other. While 20% of them again is a dummy blogs whose job as a blog supporting the main blog a blogger. Not surprisingly, the bloggers / webmasters so dizzy. consciously or unconsciously began to lose its quality as the most complete search center. For example, when we search for the keyword “SEO tricks” instead of getting a website that provides an information we need, but instead led to the blogs of SEO Indonesia contestant who recently held flare.

Therefore, owners need to think also if we should know the characteristics preferred by google blog, for our ultimate goal as a blogger and google as a search engine to provide an information truly useful to the thousands of guests or visitors.

The following points should be noted that blogs could be more akrabsama google mate, hopefully until the lift so niece.

1. Blog with a composition and a clear link text. Each page must be achieved at least one static text link.
2. Blog that offers a site map for visitors with a direct link to goto the importance of your blog. If the sitemap there are more than 100 links, buddy should separate the site map to a different page.
3. Blog that contains useful information, solid and clear and can accurately describe the content of the website.
4. Look for keywords that are highly sought others.
5. Must use text instead of images, if you want to display the name, describe the content or links. Google will not recognize text contained in images.
6. Make sure the title tags and attributes that my friend use accurate and describes the content of the blog.
7. Diligently examine whether there are dead links or incorrect HTML code.
8. When my friend to use dynamic pages (such as URLs that contain sign “?”), be careful because not every search engine can index dynamic pages. Try to create parameters as short as possible and a little bit.
9.Pastikan number of links in your blog / website or friend in a rational number.
I hope this article useful to skipper yourself and us all, keep learning to become better, support this blog visitors to the skipper who is studying this blogspot SEO to become more Maik again in writing articles that are useful to the blogger buddies. Thank you.


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