The Top 5 Reasons to Golf

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So, you’ve heard your friends talking about golf and you’re wondering whether or not you want to pick
it up. However, you’re skeptical of whether or not golf is right for you. You want to try it out, but you
can’t think of any perks off of the top of your head or you’ve heard some horror stories about extreme
sunburns or overdramatic outbursts. Before you start to believe the stereotype that all golfers are pot-
bellied, middle-aged, white males, give golf a chance. This list of the top five reasons to golf is here to
give you a little nudge in the hopes that you’ll actually try your hand at golf before refusing to play. Who
knows? You might even enjoy yourself.

1. Golf is a great social activity that not only creates an atmosphere of bonding between yourself
and your friends; it also is a great way to make new friends. There’s no better way to get to
know your friends than by heading to the golf course for a couple of hours. While you’re golfing,
you’re bound to meet some new and interesting people. Strike up a conversation and create
some wonderful memories.

2. Golfing is a great way to get outside and enjoy the weather. After a long day spent working, golf
provides a way for you to enjoy the feeling of a nice breeze, the smell of freshly trimmed grass,
and the warmth of the sun. You can even work on your tan.

3. Golf is a great form of Exercise. Believe it or not, carrying 30-plus pounds of gear around 19
holes while the sun is beating down on you is a great way to get in shape. To make your workout
even more difficult, don’t get a golf cart, try walking the entire time. By the end of your game
you’ll covered in sweat.

4. Golfing gives you a sense of accomplishment. Compared to Basketball or Soccer, Golf is
considerably more difficult. You’re trying to get a ball that’s 1.68 inches in diameter into a
hole that’s 4.25 inches in diameter from a distance around 250 yards in length. Talk about

5. Golfing gives you a chance to relieve yourself of unwanted stress. There’s something immensely
satisfying about hitting a golf ball. By putting all of your negative energy into your stroke, you’re
knocking the negativity away along with the golf ball.

What are you waiting for? Go out and experience golfing! Give it a chance and you might find that it’s
just the sport you were looking for.


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