Being Ready For Your Day on The Golf Course

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Golfing is a wonderful pastime, but, like with any sport, it is only fun if you are properly prepared. You
wouldn’t go running in tight jeans and a wool coat in the middle of the summer, water polo while fully
clothed is out of the question, and you wouldn’t bring a baseball bat to play basketball. Yet, people
don’t seem to realize that there are certain things you need to bring along while you golf.

1. It’s important to bring along enough golf balls so that if you lose a few, you’ll still be able to play.

2. Bringing along spare golf tees is also important, because you never know when you might
accidentally break one while teeing off.

3. Making sure you have the right clubs to play is always an important factor. Familiarize yourself
with your clubs, that way you won’t try to tee off with your putter.

4. How you dress to play the game mainly depends on the weather. On a sunny day, feel free to
wear shorts, a light cotton shirt, and a visor or a hat of some kind. While on a chillier sort of day
you would probably be more comfortable in something a bit heavier and it would probably be a
good idea to bring along a jacket.

5. Along with these outfits, you might consider bringing along some gloves. They help decrease the
odds that your hands will get blisters and they help you grip the club.

6. Shoes are also very important while golfing. You’re going to be walking around, so you’re
going to want something comfortable. Golf shoes generally have spikes on the bottom to help
increase traction, so your footwear can also help improve your game.

7. Checking the weather reports for your area before you play can save you a lot of discomfort.
Therefore, before you head out, ask yourself this pivotal question, “Am I going to be
comfortable in this outfit?” Remember, you’re going to be outside for quite a while and the
more comfortable the clothing, the more relaxed you’ll be. If it is going to be sunny outside,
remember to put on sunscreen. It will help save you a lot of pain and it will reduce your chances
of getting skin cancer down the road.

8. While golfing, it is also extremely important to keep yourself hydrated. After all, golf gives you
a fairly intense work out. By bringing water with you, you are protecting yourself from possible
heat stroke. Being prepared for golf helps ensure a comfortable, more relaxing game.


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