File of Chhoto Angarya Genocide in West Bengal Re-Opened

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File of Chhoto Angarya Genocide in West Bengal Re-opened

brotee mukhopadhyay

The thirty-five years CPIM-led Left Front rule in the Indian state of West Bengal has been replete with series of genocides. Chhoto Angariya genocide is one of the series. CPIM and its left partners are registered political parties under the constitutional framework of Indian democracy. Despite this, CPIM, from day one after it has come to power in this state, has left no stones unturned to rule single-handed and to rule like any kind of autocrats. It has taken recourse to any step to terrorize the people and to silence them.

The case of Chhoto Angariya genocide was probed by the CBI (a central government agency of India) which did quit its processing after finding that witness becomes hostile. Boktar Mondal from Chhoto Angariya was one of the witnesses. He was threatened at gun-point by CPIM leaders like Tapan Ghose and Sukur Ali as a result of which he became hostile. CBI had to close the probing operation. Tapan Ghose and Sukur Ali are two of the people against whom allegation has been made.

CPIM and its allies were ousted from power in West Bengal in the recent assembly election. The police forces earned a bad name during the earlier rule as they had to discharge their duties like some servants of the left leaders, especially of the CPIM leaders. In the changed circumstances, they have regained their self. Varieties of fire-arms and huge number of fire-arms have been recovered from several districts of the state right after the recent political change. And, the police, by chance, have succeeded in arresting one Dil Muhammad who is said to have a role in the Chhoto Angariya genocide case.

Chhoto Angariya is a remote village under the police station of Garbeta in West Midnapur district. It is alleged that CPIM guns, Harmads they are now called popularly, surrounded the clay-built house of Baktar Mandal from all sides. It is reported that 11 persons were burned to death under the leadership of Tapan Ghose and Sukur Ali.

The CPIM government and the party involved have done their best to create obstructions on the way to the CBI probe. Again, the case has been re-opened by the CBI. Allegation has been framed against 14 persons one of which is Sushanta Ghose. Sushanta Ghose was a minister in the last CPIM-ruled government. Villagers of Chhoto Angariya are now waiting for the turn of the events, because they want justice to be done and criminals to be punished.


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