Group of Eight Leaders in France With Burning Agenda

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Group of Eight Leaders in France with Burning Agenda

brotee mukhopadhyay

Group of Eight Leaders have been warmly received by Nicolas Sarkozy (President of France) who happens to be the host of the summit which has been scheduled to be held in the beautiful Deauville seaside resort. The leaders from Group of Eight, that is, of theUnited States, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia have assembled to find an opportunity to share and exchange their views on the burning issues of the globe.

America holds a view on the recent development in Egypt and Tunisia. The Egyptians have dethroned the autocratic Hosni Mubarak mostly through nonviolent movement and have decided to march towards democratic form of government. It is not same in Yemen where people have been demonstrating aspiration for democracy, but the popular uprising is not without bloodshed. The US has standing interest to take side with President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Libya has been within a brutal civil war allowing loss of life and property of great magnitude. NATO has been there in action. The US is determined to oust Colonel Gaddafi. America has enough confidence after invasion of Iraq and after execution of Osama bin Laden on the soil of Pakistan. No peace, on the other side, is there in Syria. Apart from these, there is Iran posing uncertain danger with nuclear ambition.

The leaders are going to sanction aid program worth billions of dollar for promising democracy in Egypt and Tunisia. The US is interested in looking for transitions in these two nations towards democratic form of government. Hillary Clinton (US Secretary of States) expects them to come out as ‘models in the region’.

Leaders of Group Eight will discuss about the aspirants for the hot chair of the IMF in which case Christine Lagarde (Finance Minister of France) has already stated her claim. She has, by this time, managed support of the 27-nation European Union. Leaders of the BRICs hold a different view which may be known from Russia.

Russia, on other issues, is expected to register difference, as this nation has been always doing. For example, Russia would not approve military intervention in Libya, Yemen and Syria.

All of these will be, it is expected, on the plate before the Group Eight leaders in France.


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