The End of The World? True or Not True?

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Do you find it hard to make plans for 2012? In fact, do you find it hard to talk about your 2012 calendar when just about any person would jestingly tell you that the end of the world can happen next year so what ‘s the use of planning for it? It might be a gag to some but I bet all this negativeness is bound to touch you one way or another.

There are a good number of 2012 anticipations referring the year 2012 that it becomes hard to project your next year. Your 2012 calendar is likely empty right now, and so is everyone else’s. The big question is : should you really be impacted with all these 2012 predictions? Is it truly possible for the planet to end next year? Before you get scuffed into all these 2012 Day of Judgement possibilities, better get into the bottom of things by finding out about how the 2012 phenomenon really started.

When people state 2012 calendar, they likely imply the Mayan calendar. You can fault the Mayan culture for all these hoopla to this day about the planet terminating since it was them who said that the universe is going to end in December 21, 2012. They thought that the creation ended and regenerated every 5,000 so years and so theorizers caught onto this thought and started projecting the end of the world in 2012. However, these day of reckoning ideas are basically just ideas taken out of context. You can not say that the Mayan believed that the world is going to end next year without really studying the Mayan culture and belief system. If you just jump right into what was said without considering how it was said or how it was interpreted by the sender of that message, you are just bound to encourage more misunderstanding.

Most theoreticians just bound into the end of the world part and do not bother taking about what the Mayan people thought of this. Because if they did, they will discover that for the Mayan culture, the end of the world signalizes the following of a better world and that in fact, it is a joyous moment that if you witness, you would feel honored to.


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