Treat Acne With Homemade Remedies

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Before trying out homemade remedies for acne, it is important to first find out whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in these remedies. Generally, the most common ingredients used for homemade acne remedies include eggs, lemons, oranges, glycerin, garlic and papaya. Be certain that any ingredient you are using for acne home remedy, you are not allergic to it. With the help of homemade acne remedies, you can treat acne and also get rid of the acne scars.

When acne first appears on the skin, it generally begins in the form of a blackhead, which is nothing but dead skin cells, grime and oil caught in the skin pore. On constant exposure to air, the blackheads turn black. If you try to squeeze out a blackhead using your nails, then it can turn into a pimple, as the bacteria from your hands and nails enter the pore. And, as you keep touching the pimple with your unwashed hands, it begins to multiply, resulting in acne.

Garlic, long used in Eastern cultures for its medicinal properties, is an excellent remedy for acne. Rub a clove of peeled garlic on and also around the zit, provided you can stand the smell! But, you will not be disappointed as the results will be apparent in a couple of days.

If you have acne scars disfiguring your face, then mix some cinnamon powder with a little lime juice and apply this mixture on your face everyday. Alternatively, you can mix the lime juice with some groundnut oil; or you can mix some milk and lime juice together and use it as a face wash. To remove acne marks, you can also work wonders by mixing lime juice with rose water and applying it on your skin.

There are several vegetables and fruits in your home that you can use as acne remedies. You can use grated potato to get rid of blemishes on the skin; or you can apply a paste of ripe tomato for an hour. Cucumber is often used to help tired eyes, but cucumber pulp can help you get rid of acne real fast. Juice of a raw papaya also works wonders on people looking for homemade acne remedies.

Make a paste of fenugreek leaves and apply it on your face. Leave the paste overnight and the following morning wash with some warm water and mild soap. Not only can this home remedy prevent acne, it can also work as an anti-aging cream! Natural vinegar and table salt is also a great acne home remedy. This remedy also helps to get rid of acne blemishes and marks.


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