How to Use Volunteering to Get a Job

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How to Use Volunteering to Get a Job

By Staysik

In this tough economy, sometimes finding a place to work, even if it is volunteering, will help you get back in the swing of working again and building on your résumé.  This is especially true if you have been on unemployment for some reason or another or laid off, or unemployed for any length of time, for any reason.  You can start by looking at jobs that are in the field of the jobs you are most qualified for.  Also look for jobs you’d like to have. 

There is a great staff at 2-1-1 who has a database of jobs with employers who have asked for volunteers.  They can be of great assistance in helping fit you with a good position which would, at the very least, give you more skills and networking for possible paying jobs or careers down the line. 

You may look in to old contacts from past jobs who will give you good recommendations and leads.  As you are volunteering you will likely find many more job leads and contacts for yourself and others, that you can pass onto these old contacts and friends.

Often times people get a lot out of volunteer work, and might even gain some personal insights and learn a little more about themselves. You might learn more about what you  are capable of, what you are comfortable doing, if you can delegate, or manage effectively, or if you would rather stay on the sidelines. 

Perhaps you’ll get a great idea from your work as a volunteer, and you will start or develop a new program, or a private company and become your own boss.  Volunteering can provide all of these things if you are open to these lessons and are able to chose the right place to work.

You can meet many people who share the same interests in the same experience, and make some great new friends, too.  You will at the very least, learn about new technology, new skills and new strategies in this new job market.  Volunteering can certainly open new doors for you and also be a great way to develop your potential.

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