Not Goodluck But Jonathan

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Success is sweet, it has brothers, it has sisters, it has parents, it has friends. Success—–yes, but if you think you have more friends now than enemies, look around yourself. You have come thus, far, a child who wore no shoes to school nor had a school bag. But let me quickly remind you that  children of your age, and slightly above that time, never had shoes to school, nor  school bags. I never saw school shoes nor wore them and it was when I got to the college that my mother bought me a pair of canvas out of her very costly sweat. Yet I never had the good luck that you have. School bags never existed during the time. I can still remember my small wooden box which  carried both my books and my school uniform whenever it rained and we have to get into it

          Your goodluck has been shining, no doubt. I don’t envy you at all, because not everybody can leap into the murky waters of politics. I praise your guts, your courage, to have thrown the chalk through the window and took a dive from the classroom door, into the uncertainty of politics, not knowing what fate has in stock for you.  You forget that Socrates would want men of virtue and wisdom in politics. You dared it, the first time, and it brought goodluck  to you. Without going through the rigors of campaigning as the flag-bearer, your goodluck shot you into the much enviable position of deputy Governor. Call it goodluck or predestination. Whichever way you look at it, the person there has occupied his position in the politics of  the Nigeria nation.

          A child who never had school  shoes nor school bag, becoming a deputy governor of his state. He couldn’t have been aware that destiny has much more in stock than he could imagine. So soon his boss went foul with the law s of the land , and he was quietly swept away-by the fierce tides of corruption. At the same time the waves went deeper into the water and brought goodluck again into the rafters as the executive governor of the state. Effortlessly and with a stroke of goodluck he conquered politics and sat on the highest saddle of the state.

          The general clamor for the resource control by the south-south zone of the late nineties, coupled with the fact that nobody from the south, south  geopolitical region of Nigeria had ever ruled this country and the fact that the then President Obasanjo of the politics of “do or die” fame needed the two governors to rule Nigeria, further opened a large window  of goodluck to Goodluck. The governor of Kastina state then, Musa Yar’adua was picked as the presidential flag bearer, while  Goodluck and his goodluck quietly followed him from behind.

          Once again luck shun on him, becoming the number two citizen of the entire nation. As vice president, he had that dogged loyalty for his boss and gave all humility in serving him, even to the last minute when it was clear that his boss will inevitably answer the call of fate. When the nation was in its darkest days asking where to go, and what to do, Goodluck had his Patience by his side waiting for the last to come. The last did come, and the doctrine of necessity was applied by the National Assembly,  shooting Goodluck from acting-president to the position of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Yet he did not even raise a broom to strike for power. Goodluck brought power to Goodluck.

          At last, his mettle was tried and he was told to his face that this time around, he has to remove the gab of goodluck and wear that of Jonathan, if only he wants to remain in that exalted seat of power. First the doctrine of zoning rared its ugly head and like Shakespeare’s Julius Ceaser, he conquered it. Then in the primaries, he ran over his enemies, although, in his docility, he claimed that he had no enemies to fight, urging all his followers not to kill because of him.  What  a view from an innocent classroom teacher who wrongly or rightly dabbled into the colorless waters of politics  and has not fully grasp the  intrigues of politics. According to him, “do not kill because of me”, but his unseen enemies have unleashed mayhem on innocent Nigerians, including the National Youth Corps members,  who were mercilessly and cruely  butchered, because Jonathan was declared winner of the Presidential election. This agrees with Socrates that virtuous men cannot be in politics? Politics is deadly and full of blood, whether directly or  indirectly shed.

When will the Gods fight for us? The blood of the innocent NYSC members murdered in cold blood is still flowing on the streets of Nigeria, calling  for vengeance. This time around, Jonathan is Jonathan, campaigning for Jonathan and did not depend on goodluck  and dogged patience to ascend the highest thrown of the nation. He was the only presidential candidate  whose campaign train, trailed the thirty –six states of the Federation. Are we surprised at Jonathan’s winning? A man of intellect and wisdom, whom Plato said should rule, an astute administrator, a man of lowly birth, who knew what poverty is, a quiet worker,  who hails from the South-South  geo-political zone, which has been deprived of the rulership of this giant nation of ours, a man who faithfully completed his late boss’ term and has now assumed his own term of ruler ship——-that is President Jonathan who no longer depend on goodluck to be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Pat Asakome who is a broadcaster, an author and an analyst in public affairs, writes from Lagos, Nigeria. 


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