Top Ten Fighters Of All Time

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Bruce Lee

I don’t know if he’s the best fighter but definitely ahead of his time in terms of martial arts.

People need to put their hate towards him aside and realize that he was an amazing fighter especially for his size. Many people who had lived during his time have all said that there is no doubt he is one of the greatest fighters they had seen.

The fact that people have to compare people like Fedor to Bruce Lee just proves that Bruce has obviously made his mark in the world of martial arts.

Let’s put aside our views and agree that he was an extremely talented martial artists.

look guys you all compare these fighters for nothing my opinion is that bruce lee whould take them down for sure and why I believe that? I have seen with my eyes too many fights of bruce lee cause I am 78 years old and I am from china… this man was a cat no one never touched him in a fight and when I say never I mean never. the fastest, the strongest, the most experienced at his age, and with his own way to fight. not only kung fu, not only box or kick boxing, he was the first mma fighter..

he is a true legend no one can replace him.
then don’t compare those fellows with bruce lee, if they stood before bruce they will piss off..

2Fedor Emelianenko

He in this prime a few years ago could easily beat everyone in this list hands down. Lee was no pro fighter, Ali is not even the best boxer nevermind the best figher and Kimbo, Chan and Li are a joke. Fendor can and in somecase has beat every one in this list by KO or submission.

he his great fighter, fought guys bigger then him as well in different styles to him. he keeps his face calm shows no emotions. skillful fighter with all-round techniques. I respect him as no. 1

He’s a REAL fighter. Not an actor. Doesn’t do movies. He REALLY beats people up. Unlike Bruce Lee, Norris, Chan, Jaa, Li and Yen.

3Chuck Norris

yeah without proving we can speculate but we will never know for sure. The Best fighter is who will never loose, he will stay in victory. NO fight is the best fight

Lee said he though chuck was the greatest ever and chuck himself believes he would have beaten lee in a professional fight…

Scientists estimate the power given off in the Big Bang is nearly 1 CNRK (chuck norris roundhouse kick)

4Muhammad Ali

he would DESTROY bruce lee

5Anderson Silva

I believe silva is the toughest man to ever walk this earth

he is faster, more precise, more intelligent, and better off his back than all of these guys.

Watch his fights enough said!

6Jackie Chan

he is amazing and funny! his movies are so good to watch! and his skills are impeccable

He has become an icon in the martial arts world

he wud destroy bruce lee not so sure bout chuck

7Jet Li

Jet li is the best in wushu and he is popular for his speed

First of all Jet li is better than chan, norris, the person in places 5, and 6 too. In fact he comes second, right after bruce lee. Not to mention jet li is the second greatest all time. Also UFC fighters are no match for Lee and Li

8Tony Jaa

his is unique skills in muay boran, he is the best fighter of our generation

No way, Tony Jaa is way better than Jet li, chuck norris and Muhhamad put together. He should be tied with Lee, Tony Jaa is the definition of Kick Ass!

9Randy Couture

He is the smartest fighter of all time. He can come up with a gameplan for anyone and execute it like nobody else. He only loses to elite competition and beats the elite as well in his prime in the years 2000 and 2003 I would pick him over anybody in a fight.

Dominated UFC in his prime

10Mike Tyson

hands down mike tyson his style is impetuous his defense is inpregnable he is just ferocious he wants your heart he will eat you children


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