Do Not Make This Summer Cause Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

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Modern generation seems to look aged earlier than the previous generations. To our great surprise, it might not be wrinkles on the skin or gray hair on your head, but dark circles under your eyes. What are these dark circles under eyes? Usually they are not a sign of exhaustion or serious illness. But they can make you feel old, unhealthy and tired. Often starting in adulthood, these dark circles under eyes affect both men and women, although children may also be able to develop dark circles under their eyes.

What are the causes for this dark circle formation under the eyes?

The most common reasons for formation of dark circles under the eyes are allergies, fatigue or lack of proper rest, late night sleep, over exertion, age, pregnancy, menstruation and lack of balanced nutrition.

1) Allergies

Summer may cause dark circles under your eyes through allergies and exhaustion. People who are allergic to certain conditions tend to get dark circles under their eyes. Allergic reactions may cause smudges and rubbing can irritate the area under the eye, making it worse. The skin under the eye is very delicate and thin.

2) Exposure to sun and nasal congestion

Exposure to the sun for a longer period may affect your eye skin. Nasal congestion and sun exposure also can cause this problem. You have to protect your eyes if you face such occasions.

3) Exhaustion and tiredness

The exhausted condition of overwork can make the skin under the eye pale causing dark circles. Summer is the season that makes you excited and exhausted. As you age, the skin under the eye becomes even thinner and dark circles become more pronounced. Lack of key nutrients in the diet still worsens the problem.

4) Dehydration

It is another cause of these dark circles under the eye in summer. You or your kids may not feel dehydration while you are engaged in entertaining activities. But it makes you tired and cause damage to the skin under the eyes.

5) Genetic reasons

Heredity is another reason. Researches state that this problem can be a structural, anatomic and genetic issue that simply causes some people to develop this problem sooner than others. Bone structure is generally hereditary and it may cause dark circles under eyes. Pigmentation is caused by genetic reasons and dark circles caused by genetic hyper-pigmentation can be treated easily with a lightening cream.

6) Aging

Experts say that dark circle under the eyes is one of the natural aging processes. Antell, a cosmetic surgeon, says, “There is a certain amount of fat naturally in the under-eye area. It is held in place by ligaments. As you age, the ligaments get weaker, allowing the fat to push forward, forming that little puffy pillow under your eye.”

7) Other reasons

There are some other reasons that cause dark circles under the eyes such as accidental injuries to the eye skin, eczema, smoking, alcohol, and stress.

Some easy home remedies

There are a lot of home remedies to remove dark circles under the eyes. Slices of cooling vegetables such as cucumbers applied to the eye area are known to lighten dark circles and cool and soothe the eyes. Tea bags that contain antioxidants and caffeine are very beneficial to the skin and are known to help with puffiness and dark circles.

Nowadays, there are many dermatological and ophthalmic treatments available by prescription and home remedies that will help you cure the dark circles under the eyes. Just choosing a make up to cover them up, may not solve the problem. Sometimes you may find hard to treat dark circles In that case, do not hesitate to meet a dermatologist.


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