You Think You Are The Best, So Why Others Don’t Appreciate You

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You didn’t get that promotion, that job, that lover you really wanted, somebody else was preferred instead. You know you have the qualifications, you are better than most, so why others don’t see it? You think you are a great catch, and yet you notice people are not all that enthusiastic about you, or they quickly lose interest. It is time to change the approach, modify your behavior. Let’s analyze the situation and learn on past mistakes.

Your personal appearance: what do you look like? You must look good. You must be clean and well-groomed; you must be dressed for the occasion. If you are going to the interview your clothes should be conservatively professional. On the job dress accordingly, if there is no uniform requirement pay attention to what your management is wearing, dress in a similar manner, a cheaper version. When dating observe what she/he is wearing, what is their style? Match their style the best you can.

Check your attitude. The two most unattractive expressions are those of anger and jealousy. You must create the appearance of goodness, generosity and eager forgiveness. People with who you socialize will unconsciously mirror your attitude creating the most pleasant social/work environment. At work you must act professionally, don’t take anything personal, do your work diligently. Welcome challenges those are the rare opportunities you get to exercise your brain, see if you can resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

You think you are a nice person, but why people are so eager to throw you under a bus? Pay close attention to your words and body language, do you let others understand you are a very important person whereas they are, or their job is unimportant? You think you are an important person because you have an important job, others can be replaced at any time, but not you. Stop. Think, there are tons of people who do what you do, who have the same or even better qualifications and they all look for job. Everybody is replaceable, don’t push your luck. Learn to respect and value others. You need others as much as they need you. You couldn’t possibly substitute everybody in the company at once! We need to work together, help each other, make the company prosper, so we all can benefit. Be always polite, helpful and patient.

What are your special skills and qualifications? You must be useful to the company. You must work well with people. Learn how you can better contribute to success and growth of your company: take classes, update your knowledge, be the best you can be, offer all you can and more to your company, provided of course this is the company and job you really want.


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