Computer Lore-3

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The ways of computers, accustomed to

Obeying Boole’s mathematics, are strange.

Subtraction becomes a type of reversed addition!

Write the two strings one below the other

Then in the lower string

Change ones into zeroes

And the zeroes into ones.

Do addition between the unchanged upper string

And the changed lower string!

Multiplication and division too become

Long and repeated additions

Every thing is addition in this binary world

But wonder of wonders the modern computer

Can do a million additions in a second

And even after clearing that mind boggling load

It never says that it is tired!

Its ways are very eccentric indeed.

Extraordinary speeds that keeps your mouth agape

Are common to its mathematical brain

But outwardly it is so calm and silent

As if nothing eccentric is going on in its brain!

Take two examples to gauge its ways.

The number, say 5276, is to be multiplied with 348

Then 5276 is repeatedly added to itself 348 times!

If the number say 34265 is to be divided by 5,

Then 5 is added to itself endlessly

Till the answer 34265 is reached.

The total number of additions

Is really “counted” by the computer

And is found to be 6853

It says that division of 34265 by 5

Gives the answer 6853.

All such big problems are solved

In just one thousandth part of second!


The electric engineer has always tough standards.

The demands he puts on his own self are tough.

He wants only “perfect zeroes and ones”.

Which should never change their identity.

(Just as the chameleon- like politicians do).

By using only such “perfect zeroes and ones”

He can create the required binary strings

In a most perfect way.

Those eight bit and sixteen bit strings

As you may remember are required

To represent numbers like 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Such strings are also required

To create codes for the letters of alphabet

The alphabet is required

To create special English-like words

Called “reserved words”

These “reserved words” can switch on

The most complicated electric circuits,

Those thousands of tiny circuits

Which do all the mathematics.

None but the engineer can use

Those “reserved words” as per agreement

With the international society

Of electric and electronic engineers.

To create “perfect zeroes and ones”

The electric engineer created the “logic gates”.

The “logic gate” is a complex circuit

It works like a tiny electric chamber

With two doors on the “back wall.”

And just one door on the front.

When you send any of the two voltages

Representing Boolean zeroes and ones

Through the two back doors

You get only one voltage

Through the single door at the front..

So it represents a Boolean zero or Boolean one.

But it is a “most perfect Boolean zero”

Or a “most perfect Boolean one ”


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