The Computer Lore-2

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The electric engineers declared for long

That flowing current can do mathematics

But they had many other head aches too.

They had to maintain correct current levels

In the eight parallel metal wires.

This is like controlling levels

Of water in parallel canals.

Even before the computers were invented

The engineer experimented for long years

With current carrying wires

He tried many different ways

For connecting the positive and negative ends.

One way is “join positive wire of the first cell

To the negative of the second cell,

Join positive of second cell to negative of third cell

And so on for any number of cells

And finally connect the positive of last cell

To negative of first cell to complete the full circuit”.

The voltage level for whole circuit

Was the sum total of voltages of all the cells.

Another way is knotting all positives at one end,

Knotting all negatives at another end

And completing an outer circuit

Between the big positive knot

And the big negative knot

If five cells of same voltage

Were to be connected in that way

The voltage would not increase

But the current fivefold would increase sure.

If several current carrying wires are joined

At one converging point

And some wires carry the currents inward

While some carry the “juices” outward

Then there is the famous “Kirchoff’s rule”.

The sum of currents flowing into the notch

Would equal the sum of currents

Flowing outward and away.


The electric engineer befriended the mathematician

They worked together to use

George Boole’s “binary mathematics”.

Here in Boole’s mathematics

The numbers 0 and 1

Are the only numbers which exist.

They both are enough to solve

All the world’s mathematics!

In George Boole’s mathematics

There are no such numbers

Like 2,3,4,5, and 6!

When we add large ordinary numbers

We do the “carry one” operation

Several times till the end .

Same thing in binary mathematics.

We write one string below the other

And do the “carry one” operations

As many times as required.

(Binary strings mean only the 010101 strings)

But the “carry one” operations

Done here are a little different.

“1 plus 0” means “sum is 1 and carry is 0”.

“1plus 1” means “sum is 0 and carry is 1.

“1 plus 1 plus ‘carry 1’ (coming from previous step)

Means “ sum is 1 and the carry is 1”


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